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Wall Ties | Crack Repair | Basement Wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng | Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing Products

From Twistfix make damp proofing walls quick, easy and cost effective. Buy crack reinforcement ties or a wall crack repair kit for repairing cracked walls at trade prices. Select from a range of professional replacement wall ties or buy cavity drain membranes for waterproofing walls in a damp cellar or basement.

Wall tie

Replacement, crack repair, waterproofing, damp proof treatment and much more, shop at Twistfix for top quality supplies, low cost prices and the best service in the UK.

Special Offers

Damp Injection 8000 Box

£179.40 inc. VAT

You save £49.50Valid until 01/01/1970

Rising damp injection cream in a builders refill pack. A low cost and low waste damp course cream package supplied in a 8 litre refill pack for damp proof contractors. This box treats up to 40m of double leaf wall

Epoxy Floor Seal Paint

£51.00 inc. VAT

You save £11Valid until 01/01/1970

Paint-on liquid damp proof membrane for new or existing floors. A two-part high hardness, abrasion resistant and waterproof epoxy coating. 2.5G or 5KG

6mm x 7m Bed Joint Re­in­for­cem­ent

£186.90 inc. VAT

You save £47.25Valid until 01/01/1970

Retrofit bed joint re­in­for­cem­ent pack containing 6mm x 7m stainless steel helical bars. The 6mm reinforcing bar is the standard size rod used for most masonry repair ap­pli­cati­ons. Pack of 5

Wall Waterproof Membrane - Baseline 8

£199.20 inc. VAT

You save £55Valid until 01/01/1970

Waterproof membrane for tanking walls and floors. Cavity drain membranes in 40m2 & 48m2 rolls for basement wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng. Leaves surfaces ready for dry wall lining or floor laying.

New Products

Wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng Wall Tie

£102.00 inc. VAT

You save £26Valid until 01/01/1970

This 2-part brick tie services the basement wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng industry. The fastener arrangement comprises a po­lyp­ro­pyle­ne plug fitted with a seal, and a stainless steel helical tie. Quantity: 50

Damp Check - Mesh Membrane Kit

£126.00 inc. VAT

You save £12Valid until 01/01/1970

Damp Check Kit provides an effective moisture barrier when isolating damp walls from internal finishes. The air gap behind the damp-proof membrane allows walls to breathe and water to drain. 10m Kit

Ancon Wall Ties HRT4

£3.48 inc. VAT

You save £1Valid until 01/01/1970

HRT4 Ancon steel ties for domestic housing up to 10 metres high. Ties are CE marked, BBA certified and meet the technical re­qu­ire­men­ts of the NHBC. 20Pk or 250Box

Dry Ridge System

£59.94 inc. VAT

You save £10Valid until 01/01/1970

This dry ridge system includes a ventilated ridge roll with self-adhesive butyl strip, stainless steel fixing pack, ratchet unions the super strength nylon ratchet clips. A quick, easy to fit and durable roof ridge - 6m Kit

Best Sellers

Damp Proofing Cream - 380 DPC

£17.70 inc. VAT

You save £1.20Valid until 01/01/1970

Damp proof cream in 380ml DIY cartridges. Stop damp walls with an advanced chemical damp proof course. No specialist equipment needed. Simple DPC injection treatment using caulking gun to treat up to 1.9m of double leaf brickwork.

Masonry Crack Repair Kit

£119.52 inc. VAT

You save £57.90Valid until 01/01/1970

Versatile masonry brick stitching kit. Contains all products needed for high strength, masonry repairs to cracked brick, block or stone walls. Select 6mm, 7mm or 8mm helical bars. 10 bar kit

Cavity Wall Ties - Remedial Kit

£209.76 inc. VAT

You save £125Valid until 01/01/1970

Remedial brick tie kit. 150 self-tapping helical ties, SDS setting tool and 2 SDS carbide drill bits for simple, rapid & cost effective cavity tie replacement. CE Mark Approved for add-wall. 60 m2 kit.

Baseline Mesh Membrane Kit

£126.00 inc. VAT

You save £33.25Valid until 01/01/1970

Mesh membrane kit in 3 sizes with everything needed for wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng wall surfaces. These waterproof tanking membranes include a mesh face for direct application of plaster or dabs for plas­ter­bo­ard.
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Masonry Repairs with Helical Bars

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