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Wood Preservative Dual

Wood Preservative Dual


Part number: MTECHDUAL
£26.70 inc. VAT

Product description

Wood preservative comprising a professional fungicidal insecticide micro-emulsion concentrate for the prevention and eradication of woodworm infestation and other wood boring insects in building timbers. This double action wood treatment offers additional protection against wet rot and dry rot during a drying period following the elimination of moisture contamination. Apply with brush or spray. HSE 1 hour re-entry classification

Packaged in 2 litre containers. Dilute and mix to make 25 litres of wood preservative. Brush/Spray= 1 litre of diluted fluid to 3-4m2 of surface area. For immersion use 5-20l (dilute solution)/m3

To use Microtech Dual wood treatment you will need a 25ltr container, overalls, rubber gloves and eye protection. If using preservative with a spray, also use respiratory equipment. HSE Registration No 7533 for use by professional builders only. Statutory precautions apply

This wood preservative is considered hazardous to transport over water and accordingly delivery is unavailable for any offshore location


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