124 Hours in A&E

On Monday I had to go to A&E, I suffered an injury Sunday night will doing a small DIY job at my house. What had happened was I sliced quite deep into my thump when sawing a piece of wood.

My wife suggested I go for stitches and to check it wasn’t infected, I obliged to keep her happy however I was doubtful about what whether it needed stitches at all. As my hand did look a mess I thought best to go. I had to cancel my planned jobs on Monday and ask my neighbour to wait in for my expected parcel from Twistfix that was due to arrive between the hours of 11:09 and 12:09 that morning. I was able to track it online using the tracking number I received from them. I was annoyed as I was losing a whole days work, but while the finger isn’t covered up its likely to be a problem while working.

I rarely go to A&E and avoid it whenever I can, last time I went was when I was a kid. Couldn’t even tell you what for, I don’t remember! it was that long ago. When I arrived I was told by the receptionist I had a four and a half hour wait to see someone, this was terrible. It left me pondering on what to do. I had come to the conclusion myself that I didn’t need stitches and wasn’t willing to wait around for a doctor to tell me that. I decided to walk out and nip into town. I had the fantastic idea of cleaning up my hand myself. I bought bandages and everything else needed. In the end the bandage looked okay. As long as I could fool the wife into thinking I’d gone.

I was back at work on the Tuesday, as for the cut. It will leave a scar but nothing I can’t handle

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