2 Top Tips

Hello and welcome to July, if now isn’t the time to get working on the DIY job I don’t know when is the best time! 

I recently just bought a new mattress for my bed, I was astonished at how fast it was delivered. It wasn’t as fast as twistfix’s delivery service. I carried it upstairs and put it across the bed. I had brought a memory foam mattress so was aware that I couldn’t sleep on it for at least 24 hours. I knew I was facing a night on the settee. I would of slept in it straight away that night but I had been advised by a good friend not to bother as I need to allow the mattress to expand to its full depth. I’d say I got a decent night’s sleep that night on the settee. I am now back in my bed and my mattress is lovely thanks for asking. Whether I get enough sleep in it is another question. I hardly ever lie in.

I have recently been using a lot of the Insofast fixings from Twistfix. They are fantastic. Especially when you use the SDS Hammer Adaptor to install either the Plasterboard or Roof Fixings. It really did speed things up. I was finished on time and everything. Even had chance to pop to the butty shop for lunch (or dinner whatever you like to call it). If my neighbours took my advice I gave him, he will of bought some also. It is easy to remember how many fixing are needed per full size board (that’s 12!) and only 3 if you are using adhesives.

So from this month my top tips for you are to use the Insofast fixings for Plasterboard aswell as for a Warm Roof Deck. Another top tip is to buy a memory foam mattress, that way we can all get a good nights sleep. 

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