6-a-side Football

6-a-side Football

I recently entered a 6-a-side football league with friends, it was my brothers suggestion after he received an email from someone asking if he would like to enter a team. He called me and asked if I would like to play, I thought why not..?

We have been playing in it now since the start of June, and lost most weeks. Our team changes week in week out due to people dropping out and most weeks we’re getting beat by around 7 goals, sometimes even double digits. I have been made manager as people must think I am awful at playing. Most week’s better players are being drafted in. I wonder if you could do a better job than us. We could do with a defender?

Putting football aside because I’m sure it’s not to everybody’s taste I should mention I have recently been using Twistfix’s damp check mesh membrane kit this product contain 10sqm of membrane for lining walls above ground to stop moisture and dampness from affecting the plaster surface. The kit also includes plugs for fixing the membrane to the wall. I tend to buy kits quite a lot as they are packed with everything needed to install so work out better value. I used to buy all items separately such as ties and membrane and soon realised that buying the items this way I wasn't getting the best deal. Now I always buy a kit as it helps me on the job. I believe this would be most people’s preference.

How do you buy stuff from Twistfix? 

DampCheck Mesh Membrane Kit

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