Ancon Wall Ties TeploTie Retrofit Zero-Carbon Home

By 2050, the UK aims to have reduced its carbon emissions by 80% from the level in 1990. Around 50% of this reduction is expected to be achieved within the built environment, including building new, low carbon-emitting structures and adapting those already in existence. Most existing buildings are expected to still be in use by 2050 and around 26m homes and 2m non-domestic buildings will require refurbishment to make them more energy efficient.

A property in Birmingham, has recently become the latest retrofit project in the UK to achieve zero-carbon level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. This significant project has been designed by an architect working on his own semi-detached family home, who believes that the idea could easily be replicated on a much larger scale in order to help the UK achieve its carbon emissions target.

The property dates back to the 1840s, has solid brick walls and two bedrooms. A previously vacant parking area at the side of the house has been used to create an extra room and a rooftop studio has been installed, effectively doubling the floor space of the house. The entire front elevation of the house is insulated internally, preserving the attractive original brickwork, while the rear elevation was first dismantled before being extended and rebuilt with salvaged bricks. Along with high levels of airtightness and renewable energy systems, this super-insulated envelope has brought the U-value of the walls down to just 0.11W/m²K, a full 16 times more efficient than before.

Ancon TeploTie low thermal conductivity wall ties were used extensively in this project. Formed from extruded basalt fibres, these innovative wall ties have a tiny 0.7WmK thermal conductivity level and are thus completely excluded from the U-value calculations. As they are easily post-fixed into existing walls as well as built into new masonry bed joints,Ancon TeploTies are versatile and perfectly suited to both wall tie replacement and new-build projects. The cavity wall ties were securely fixed with resin into the Victorian brickwork and also built into the new inside structure.

Twistfix supplies these professional-grade Ancon wall ties at the most competitive prices. As the drive towards zero-carbon emissions gathers pace, the TeploTie will become a standard part of every builder's and renovator's kit.

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