Anti-Conden­sation Paint

Damp Proofing - Anti-Condensation Paint
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Anti-conden­sati­on paint inhibits condensation by absorbing damp and moisture and improving insulation.­  The paint film has a porous structure which absorbs con­den­sati­on,

Two to four coats will be needed depending on the severity of the condensation problem. The capacity of the paint film to absorb moisture increases with thickness.

Anti-conden­sati­on Paint is supplied in a 5L can.  The white, porous and relatively soft coating is resistant to high levels of condensation when fully dried.   The paint absorbs condensing moisture during periods of high humidity and releases it later when the humidity drops.  Suitable for controlling condensation on ceilings, metal surfaces and the inside of wardrobes and cupboards.­  Not recommended for general use on walls.  Do not scrub or paint-over the condensation control paint.

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