April Fools!

April Fools!

An event that happens every year and I’m not exactly sure why is April Fool’s Day, A time when every decides to make things up to trick and deceive people. 

On one hand it’s a great idea and can actually be quite funny, however as with anything it could go horribly wrong. I never get involved which I guess makes me a little bit grumpy nowadays I don’t have the time and resources to think something up and well simply can’t be bothered. Maybe I am too old to care. This doesn’t stop everybody else though. Newspapers, friends, TV, all try their best to make up the best April Fools, I can spot them a mile off.

With April fool’s Day this year being on a Saturday, I was certain not to have anything done to me. With most people still being in bed up until around midday, which is the cut off for April Fools jokes isn’t it? And nothing was going to happen going into work in a morning. Lads have tried it in the morning while at work before and with disastrous consequences sometimes even ruining the whole flipping job! Most people forget its even April fools day and leave themselves prone to being caught out.

Also with April comes a new month, 4 months into 2017. Some people would say it’s going quick. I wouldn’t when I have got a lot on my plate. I have a massive Basement Waterproofing job to be done last week of this month followed by another one two weeks later. Will make sure I order my products needed from Twistfix soon, for me a contractor I find this one of the busiest times of the year. I think the next few months will hectic. However I will take it in my stride this is what I enjoy doing.

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