Brand New Product: Warm-A-Wall Thermal Insulation

Part of the Twistfix commitment to providing excellent customer service is ensuring the most comprehensive choice of products. To this end, we often add new products to our portfolio once we have been fully convinced of their quality and efficacy. The most recent product to be added to our collection is Warm-A-Wall thermal & acoustic insulation, which offers a host of practical and environmental benefits.

Warm-A-Wall is an innovative new type of insulating material that is made using recycled polyurethane. Once installed, the material immediately and dramatically lowers the heat-transfer coefficient of walls, delivering up to a massive 28% of energy savings as compared to uninsulated walls. For example, a solid wall's U-value can be reduced to 1.51 W/(m²K) down from 2.1 W/(m²K) when insulated using Warm-A-Wall.

Warm-A-Wall is especially ideal when used in damp and/or unventilated areas, where it provides an excellent solution to the problem of condensation. As the wall's surface is made warmer, the material curbs the potential of condensation forming, helping to prevent mould growth and other damp-related issues.

The recycled polyurethane insulation material is supplied on convenient, cost-effective rolls, each comprising sufficient material to cover 7.5 square metres of wall without major losses in terms of floor area. Simple and fast to use, Warm-A-Wall is applied in the same way as wallpaper using a special adhesive, which is provided with each roll.&

Once the insulation has been properly hung, it then requires the simple application of a plaster skim, which provides a robust, permanent finish. Warm-A-Wall can be used on the inside of any perimeter walls, even when cavity wall insulation or external solid-wall insulation is already present. The material is fully approved by the Energy Savings Trust, giving you 100% peace of mind.

To discover more details about Warm-A-Wall thermal & acoustic insulation, check out the product page on the Twistfix website. Do not hesitate to contact our expert technical team for further information and advice.

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