Brick Corner Repair: The Thor Helical Wall Anchor Kit

At Twistfix, we aim to provide our customers with the most comprehensive collection of products, and so we regularly add new items to our extensive portfolio.  This edition of our blog introduces the new Thor Helical retrofit wall connector ties for repairing cracks at brick corners and wall junctions, which are currently available to purchase with an attractive introductory discount.

The primary use of these extended helical wall connector ties is to secure cracked or separating wall junctions by reconnecting the facade of a building to a wall running perpendicular to it.  The connectors are exceptionally versatile; they are helpful for many other applications in stone and brick buildings, including for vertical reinforcing parapet walls, pinning of masonry arches,  securing quoins or cornerstones, and tying of rubble-filled or thick walls.

Each pack contains ten extra-long self-tapping ties available in lengths of 610mm, 760mm and 910mm.  The extreme-duty ties have a diameter of 12mm and a cross-sectional area of 29mm².  Made from tough, durable marine grade stainless steel (AISI 316 ), the ties boast double the mass of comparable self-tapping helical wall ties.

The hammer-in ties corkscrew easily into small pilot holes in concrete, limestone, brick or block structures.  Once installed, each connector delivers exceptional resistance to shear and axial loads and provides a minimum of twice the compression and tension strength compared to alternative retrofit helical fasteners.

A beneficial feature of the self-tapping Thor Helical wall connectors is that they require no resin, cement or grout to complete installation.  In addition to making installation as much as ten times faster than when using chemically bonded ties, the mechanical anchorage makes the helical fixings especially useful for repairing and strengthening ancient monuments and heritage buildings.

Installation of the ties can be carried out even in the coldest conditions as there are no temperature restrictions.  The product causes far less structural disturbance than any alternative deep pinning system.

If these helical ties are not long enough, don't despair.  Twistfix also supplies the 12mm helical wall ties in lengths ranging from over 1 metre to more than 1.6 meters in packs of extra-long structural repair ties containing ten extra-long spiral wall connectors. 

To install the 12mm diameter helical wall tie connectors, you will need extra-long SDS masonry bits and a professional setting tool, which hammers the structural wall connectors into pilot holes in the masonry.  Select a 10mm diameter drill bit for high-strength masonry or an 8mm bit for low and medium density.

The RRP of the Retrofit Wall Connectors start at £159.35 plus VAT for a pack of ten, but for a limited time, you can purchase them from Twistfix with prices starting at just £123.08 plus VAT, saving you over £35. Find out more details on the Twistfix website.

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