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Chemical damp-proof injection cream is formulated to produce 100% active rising damp treatment that migrates fully into walls to form an effective and durable chemical damp proof course.

Damp-Cure silicone based water repellent cream is available bulk packaged in 380ml, 1000ml, 3000ml and 8000ml containers. The most cost effective way to buy for damp proofing contractors and chemical resellers

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Damp Injection 8000 Box

Rising damp injection cream in a builders refill pack. A low cost and low waste damp course cream package supplied in a 8 litre refill pack for damp proof contractors. This box treats up to 40m of double leaf wall
  • RRP £149.50
  • £118.80
  • £99.00

Damp Proofing Injection Cream – Dampcure 1000

Damp-proof cream in 1 litre cartridges. A reliable damp injection treatment using a large caulking gun and nozzle to stop damp in walls. This cartridge treats up to 5m of double leaf walls
  • RRP £24.75
  • £21.00
  • £17.50
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DPC Injection Cream - Damp Cure 6000 Kit

Damp proof treatment in a low cost and easy to use DPC injection kit. Includes sufficient Damp-Cure cream to damp proof up to 60m of 110mm single leaf wall or30m DPC for 225mm double leaf wall.
  • RRP £157.50
  • £130.80
  • £109.00
Rating 4.8 of 5

Rising Damp Treatment - Dampcure 3000 Cream

DPC cream in a 3 litre tamper proof pail for the treatment of damp walls. Advanced chemical damp course injection applied via a low pressure pump and nozzle. This tub treats up to 15m of double leaf wall
  • RRP £69.90
  • £57.00
  • £47.50
Rating 4.9 of 5