Choc Horror!

On my weekly shop one thing that is destined to go in the trolley is chocolate

I normally get whichever is on offer, whether that comes in the form of a big or small bar. I came across a story towards the end of last week on how chocolate bars may be made smaller. Yes smaller! In order to make people eat less of them and to reduce the sugar content. I was appalled at this news. Everyday my lunch which I take to work with me consists of at least one chocolate item. Come whatever time I get the chance to have my dinner, normally middayish I am relying on this chocolate bar to give me some energy. This energy is needed to get me through the rest of the afternoon, whatever job I have got on its safe to say it is needed.

It has led me to a dilemma do I decide to live with the change and maybe even change with the times, or do I make up for the smaller bars by taking two. You probably think I’m being greedy but I am not alone in my outrage. While I don’t think mass protests are planned about this (everybody is busy at protests elsewhere). Its rather horrible to see something I like decrease in size. I think I am now favouring taking two bars to work with me even if it means buying two packs. I’ll be angry if the size of bread decreases in the near future!  What sort of lunch would that be? As I don’t have any power whatsoever in the world of chocolate I’ll have to sit back and let them make our chocolate bars smaller.

However I know Lent is coming up. I may just give chocolate up for Lent. 

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