Crack Stitching Rods - 100 Pack

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Crack Stitching Rods 100 Pack

Crack stitching rods are used to repair and strengthen cracked walls.  High-tensile helical rods are fixed across fractures in brick, block and stone walls to reconnect and fortify areas of weakened brickwork, enhancing the tensile, shear and flexural strength of the masonry.

Manufactured from austenitic stainless steel, these stitching rods, which  offer a permanent retrofit reinforcement solution for fractured walls, will last beyond the design life of the building.

Installing Crack Stitching Rods

A series of stitching rods are secured into pre-wetted slots, that have been cut into the wall, using high strength polymer-modified cementitious grout. The rods are spaced at 300mm to 450mm centres and extend 500mm each side of the crack to restore the structural integrity of fractured brickwork.  They are typically concealed in the mortar bed joints to retain the original character of the wall.

The grout-bonded reinforcement progressively accumulates concentrated building loads and evenly distributes the stress along the full length of the bars. The helix-shaped rods form part of a brick stitching system is quick and easy to install; the repair stabilises masonry structures and provides lasting resilience against further cracking.

Charac­te­ristic Properties & Performance
 Brand  Twistfix
 Diameter  6mm
 Length  1mm
 Cross Sectional Area  8mm2
 Material  Stainless Steel (ASIS-304)
 Lead Distance (360o twist)  30mm
 Ultimate Tensile Strength Range  1025-1225Nmm2
 Mean Tensile Capacity  9kN
 0.2% Proof Stress  >870N­/mm2
 CE Mark Tested to  BS EN 846-4:2002
 Tensile Load - 1 Bar bonded in bed joint with WHO-60 Grout   8.39kN
 Tensile Load - 2 Bars bonded in bed joint with WHO-60 Grout   16.00kN
 Packaging  2 Bundles of 50 pieces
 Manufactured for Twistfix by  Thor Helical
 Country of Manufacture  United Kingdom

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