Dri-Eco 4S

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The Dri-Eco-4S is a wireless 4 button switch offering manual control over the Dri-Eco-Heat-HC Positive Input Ventilation system.

A boost button gives the occupant the option to temporarily increase the speed of the fan when moisture levels in the dwelling are high The unit will revert back to its usual setting after two hours to maintain an optimum level of comfort for the homeowners.

I addition to this the occupant can choose to overide the heater setting to suit their own preferences.

  • Wireless control-the DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC is controlled via radio frequency to allow wireless commands from the switch to the unit.
  • Low power consumption as the switch runs off a 10v lithium battery which is supplied with the unit and has a 10 year life expectancy.
  • The PIV unit receives a signal from the switch which responds to the occcupants individual requirements
  • Switch can be sited anywhere in the home.

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