Edincare Magna 360

Magna360Pro (Macerator Model)
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The Edincare MagnaPro 360 range of automatic package pump stations are specifically designed for pumping foul, storm and surface water when drainage by gravity is not possible. The macerator pump and chamber is suitable for installing during building stage or can be retrofitted to existing buildings. It will accept and discharge waste and sewage from basements, bathrooms and changing rooms.

  • Diameter: 850mm  
  • Height: 1250mm
  • Storage Capacity 200–360 litre (depending on inlet level)
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 400 litres/ min
  • Maximum Output: 14m vertical and 150m horizontal

The system is available with a choice of single or twin free-standing macerator pumps and has options for single phase or three phase power supply. All package pumping stations include a high quality polyethylene chamber, locking access cover, control panel, internal pipework and fittings.

The MagnaPro is easy to install as inlets can be positioned to your requirements. It is important that you supply inlet information when you order.

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