Fire Rated Foam

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Fire Foam B2 Gun Grade

EVERBUILD FIREFOAM B2 is a quick setting fire rated one part polyurethane foam designed for application by any standard foam applicator gun.
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Fire Foam B1 Handheld

EVERBUILD FIREFOAM B1 is a fast setting one part polyurethane foam with fire resistance properties. The foam is dispatched via a plastic nozzle attached to the cannister.
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Firefoam B2 and Gun Kit

EVERBUILD FIREFOAM B2 Gun Kit is a rapid setting fire rated one part polyurethane foam that comes complete with applicator gun and gun cleaner.
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Fire rated foam fillers are used in vast quantities in the construction industry to serve a variety of useful functions. An increasing proportion of foam-filling applications specify a need for fire resisting properties.

The correct use of fire retardant products has life safety impli­cati­ons; the correct selection, spe­cifi­cati­on and application is crucial and is essential in conforming to the demands of current Building Regulations.

These fire foam products meet the requirements of DIN 4102 Part 1 for Construction Materials and BS476 Part 20.  When used as part of a fire-resistant joint, they should be used in conjunction with a fire rated intumescent sealant to ensure maximum fire rating.