Fire Retardant Chemicals

Fire Proof Paint

Fire Proof Paint

Fire proof paint systems include a variety of intumescent coatings for specific substrates and flame resistant top coats.
Fire Rated Foam

Fire Rated Foam

An increasing proportion of foam-filling applications specify a need for fire resisting properties
Intumescent Sealant

Intumescent Sealant

When exposed to fire, the intumescent sealant expands in volume to fill all cavities; providing a necessary fire-resistant seal
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Fire Foam B2 Gun Grade

EVERBUILD FIREFOAM B2 is a quick setting fire rated one part polyurethane foam designed for application by any standard foam applicator gun.
  • £6.24
  • £5.20


Everbuild Fire Sealant 300 is a fire retardant sealant that will expand when it is exposed to temperatures in excess of 125 degrees and prevents the passage of  fire and smoke. A fire rated joint of 5 hours may be achieved in suitably designed joints.
  • RRP £3.83
  • £3.17
  • £2.64

Intumescent Paint

Intumescent paint systems provide fire resistance to structural steel and cast iron. Thermoguard intumescent offers up to ninety minutes fire protection to horizontal structural steel members. 2.5Kg and 5.0Kg
  • RRP £67.50
  • £63.59
  • £52.99

Fire Foam B1 Handheld

EVERBUILD FIREFOAM B1 is a fast setting one part polyurethane foam with fire resistance properties. The foam is dispatched via a plastic nozzle attached to the cannister.
  • RRP £8.66
  • £7.14
  • £5.95

Fire Resistant Paint

Fire resistant paint is an flame retardant top coat that is applied over the Thermoguard paint for Steel to decorate and complete Class 0 passive fire protection systems. Acrylic eggshell 2.5L and 5.0L
  • RRP £83.11
  • £62.10
  • £51.75


Everbuild Pyro mate is a neutral cure,­silicone sealant which conforms to EN1366-4 standard for fire retardancy having a fire rating of up to five hours in certain joint con­fi­gura­ti­ons.
  • RRP £4.12
  • £3.43
  • £2.86

Firefoam B2 and Gun Kit

EVERBUILD FIREFOAM B2 Gun Kit is a rapid setting fire rated one part polyurethane foam that comes complete with applicator gun and gun cleaner.
  • RRP £83.65
  • £63.78
  • £53.15

Intumescent Paint for Timber

Thermoguard Timbercoat is an intumescent paint for use on bare or previously painted timber and wood derivative surfaces to retard surface spread of fire and provide vital escape time during a fire. 20 sq m and 80sqm
  • RRP £137.99
  • £117.95
  • £98.29

Fire Foam B1 Gun Grade

EVERBUILD FIREFOAM B1 Gun Grade is a quick setting one part polyurethane foam with fire resistance properties, dispensed using any standard foam applicator gun.
  • RRP £8.65
  • £7.14
  • £5.95

Timbercoat SFR

Timbercoat SFR is an Intumescent paint with smoke and flame retardent properties for upgrading potentially dangerous multi-layer previously painted timber Controls srface spread of flames and fire propagation to Class O and EN Class B total smoke control.
  • RRP £72.44
  • £63.00
  • £52.50

Firefoam B1 and Gun kit

EVERBUILD FIREFOAM B1 Gungrade is a quick setting one part polyurethane foam with fire resistance properties.

The foam expands on application to up to 50 times its original volume meeting the extremely stringent requirements of DIN 4102 Part 1 for Cons
  • RRP £93.18
  • £68.58
  • £57.15

Intumescent Wall Paint

Thermoguard Wallcoat is an intumescent undercoat for use in conjuction with SFR top coats for painting over previously painted walls and ceilings to upgrade mineral surfaces coated with multi-layered paint films 25 & 100 sq m
  • RRP £137.99
  • £117.95
  • £98.29