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Everbuild Fire Sealant 300 is a fire retardant sealant that will expand when it is exposed to temperatures in excess of 125 degrees and prevents the passage of  fire and smoke. A fire rated joint of 5 hours may be achieved in suitably designed joints.

  • Excellent acoustic properties for sound deadening.
  • Permanently flexible accommodating movement
  • Excellent non slump properties when using overhead.
  • Can be overpainted.
  • Can be used in joints up to 50mm wide.

Areas of Use:

  • Sealing and filling gaps in fire rated partition walls and structures.
  • Sealing glass in timber and aluminum in fire rated glazing applications.
  • Sealing around gaps and  service trunkings in fire rated walls.
  • Sealing around Door frames.
  • Sealing low movement construction joints

Ensure a minimum joint depth of 6mm , in deep joints use a mineral wool fibre backing material.

To achive a correct bond smooth down the sealent using wetted instrument.

Coverage 380ml Tube.

Joint size 6 x 6 mm - 10.55 lm.

Joint Size 5 x 10 mm - 7.60 lm.

Joint size 10 x 15 mm - 2.52 lm.




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