Ground Anchors

What are Twistfix Ground Anchors?

Twistfix ground anchors are mini-helical-piles and soil nails that are hammered into the earth to support, stabilise or restrain a variety of permanent or temporary structures.

Our hammer-in ground anchor systems are precision manufactured with longitudinal helical blades that force the anchor to cork-screw into the earth as it is hammered.

Installation is simple and quick with minimum disturbance, saving time and labour costs.

Where can Hammer-in Ground Anchor Systems be Used?

Helical screw piles and spiral ground anchors are highly versitile and, when 'locked-off' rotationally, are able to support structures in both compression and in tension. Their use is particularly advantageous when anchoring in difficult to get to areas; for example at the back of terraced houses or in remote fields, where the cost of getting heavy plant and materials in position is difficult and price-prohibitive. Ground anchor systems are highly reliable and extremely cost effective to use.

Applications include:

  • providing foundation support to extensions (Helical-piling systems only)
  • supporting lightweight structures and decking
  • supporting platforms and signs alongside railways, waterways and highways.
  • anchoring a variety of articles securely to the ground, including sheds, benches, greenhouses, etc.
  • tethering with ropes, straps or chains to anchor barges, marquees, trailers, caravans, etc.
  • soil nailing, an earth retention technique used to stabilise steep sloping ground and to restrain movement of earth retaining walls

Cost Benefits of Hammer-in Helical Piles & Ground Anchors

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Immediate load-bearing capacity
  • No excavations or spoil to remove and cart away cart away
  • Lightweight driving equipment for ease of access in confined spaces
  • No downtime for curing of concrete
  • No downtime for low temperature conditions

Spiral ground anchors offer a fast, reliable, lightweight and cost effective alternative to conventional structural supports. The hammer-driven helical piles and soil nails set up self rotation and screw into the ground by virtue of a promounced helix. The labour saving earth anchoring systems offer improved profit margins to contractors across the UK

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Ground Anchor Screw

Ground Anchor Screw

Ground Anchor Screw offers a versatile solution to the issue of firmly securing items directly to the ground. It can be quickly and easily removed by simply unscrewing. 40mm or 50mm diameter helix various lengths
Price incl. VAT
Groundscrew Tethering Kit

Groundscrew Tethering Kit

Spiral Ground-screw Tethering Kit comprises a spiral ground anchor and a large diameter eye bracket to tether a variety items such as marquees, trailers, young trees, etc. 40mm or 50mm diameter anchors in a selection of different lengths
Price incl. VAT
Ground Screw Kit

Ground Screw Kit

This removable ground screw is hammered into the soil to form a firm anchorage point. Complete with angled bracket for tie-down applications. Available in 40mm and 50mm diameter and a selection of lengths
Price incl. VAT