Internal Wall Insulation: Introducing Warm-A-Wall

Twistfix is a proud supplier of the novel Warm-A-Wall internal wall insulation kit. The design, engineering and production of this revolu­ti­onary product by Wall Transform confirms its status as a leading company in manufacturing eco-friendly building products that help the environment.

Warm-A-Wallis a new and innovative type of thermal and acoustic insulation that helps to protect the environment and improve sustainability in several ways. The company makes the product from recycled polyurethane that would otherwise have been wasted and sent to landfills. Recycling waste also prevents the extra CO² emissions necessary when producing virgin polyurethane polymers.

Lining internal surfaces with Warm-A-Wall also lessens CO² emissions by reducing the energy required to keep a property warm inside. Walls treated with Warm-A-Wall have a much lower heat-transfer coefficient than uninsulated walls. The U-value of a standard solid wall is 2.1 W/(m²K): when lined with Warm-A-Wall insulation, this value is dramatically reduced to just 1.51 W/(m²K), delivering a massive 28% energy saving property.

Installing Warm-A-Wall is rapid, simple and immediately effective. The product is conveniently supplied on a roll and is applied similarly to wallpaper using a specially-formulated adhesive. A plaster skin can then be applied over the insulation, resulting in a robust, permanent finish with minimal loss of floor area.

Warm-A-Wall can be used successfully on any perimeter wall to increase insulation value significantly. The product can be applied even when cavity wall insulation or external solid wall insulation is already in place. In addition to enhancing insulation value, Warm-A-Wall also represents an effective solution to condensation as the warmer wall surface helps to reduce the incidence of the problem and associated mould growth potential.

Each Warm-A-Wall kit contains a 15m roll of insulation material along with a 10-litre container of specially-formulated adhesive. As with every product we supply here at Twistfix, you're sure to enjoy the most competitive price.

Don't hesitate to contact our our expert technical team if you need any further information or advice about Warm-A-Wall internal wall insulation. For more updates about additions to our product portfolio, along with lots of other news, how-to guides and unique features, please subscribe to our free regular newsletter.

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