Looking After the Little Ones

I have had a very busy weekend, unfortunately that’s not due to work. I have been looking after my younger nephew and niece all weekend. Well kind of. 

They came to stay on Friday unknowingly to me it did seem though that my wife knew about this, as soon as they came into the house on Friday they went straight over to raid the cupboards for biscuits and sweets before I could even say “hello”. I knew my weekend had been pretty much ruined. I would be stuck with them all weekend. They both wanted to play with my tool box that I had left on the living room floor; I quickly had to scurry to pick it up before either could touch it. It was really a bad time for them to come, I was supposed to be fixing up Plasterboard Insulation dotted around the kitchen was various packs of Insofast Fixing purchased from Twistfix at my friends.

I immediately got to gathering them into a box so they couldn’t mix them up or lose them, they couldn’t have picked a worse time. It left me no option but to call my friends and tell them I wouldn’t be there as there was no way the kids would be coming with me even if they think they can ‘help’. So Saturday I spent all day on a kids play park, only managing to get them to come away when it started raining. We’d been there for hours! And by Saturday night I was exhausted. On Sunday I woke up and was determined to get this job finished despite any commitments I had. Trying to sneak away I was collared I owned up and said I wanted to go and finish this job. I was persuaded to take the nephew and niece with me. So I did that.

In the van they went and on the way to the job I dropped them back off at their mothers, they thought they was coming with me. In the end I got the job finished.  

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