Moss Removal Biocide

In a recent article, we looked at the problem of moss, revealing the damage it causes and offering our professional solution - Twistfix Microtech Moss Removal Biocide. As this has proved such a popular product, we are now offering, for a limited time only, a fantastic 10% discount on its already-competitive price.

Our article about professional moss removal was prompted by the recent warm yet wet weather, which has created an explosion in the number of reports of extensive and damaging moss growth on masonry walls, roofs and drives/paths. Left unchecked, the growth will continue unabated, causing first aesthetic and, eventually, structural damage as well as posing a health hazard.

Twistfix Microtech Moss Removal Biocide quickly, safely and completely removes moss and other similar lichens. Supplied in concentrated form, the micro-emulsion formula is sprayed onto affected surfaces to which it then clings, killing the moss and also eradicating any dry or wet rot spores that may be present.

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