Move That Moss! Use Microtech Moss Removal Biocide

It isn’t pleasant to look at nor is it something you want on your roof, patio or wall surfaces but moss doesn’t have to be hard to get rid of when you use the moss removal biocide from Twistfix.

What is moss?

A combination of fungi and algae which live in a mutually beneficial arrangement whereby the algae feeds the fungi which in turn provides the algae with much needed moisture and shelter.

How can I get rid of it from my roof, patio and wall surfaces?

What you need is our powerful, micro-emulsion masonry biocide treatment for professional use in the removal of algae, moss and lichens from roof, patio and wall surfaces. It contains a fungicidal treatment to remove mould and dry rot spores within the masonry as well.

All you need to do is dilute and mix the concentrated mixture and in doing so from one bottle you will create 25 litres of biocide. Once this has been mixed then you need to pressure spray or scrub the roof, patio or wall surface and then apply the mix with a low pressure spray.

Our suggestion is that in order to remove algae, get rid of lichens and similar then you should use 1 litre of diluted biocide to 2.5m2 of patio, wall or roof surface. For removal of dry rot spores use 10L/m3 masonry.

Microtech moss removal biocide is packaged in a 1 litre concentrate. You will need: 25ltr container, overalls, rubber gloves, respiratory and eye protection and a low pressure spray vessel. Statutory precautions apply but if you are not sure then contact a member of our expert team and we will have them explain all the details of this to you.

For more information then please contact us on 0845 1236007 or email

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