New to Twistfix: Basement Floor Insulation Boards

The Twistfix product portfolio has been extended with the addition of a new product: Danopren Basement Floor Insulation. For a limited time, this product is available with a significant introductory price discount. Here are all the details...

Danopren 500 TL is a high performance thermal insulation board, which is primarily intended to be used in basements, cellars and other areas that are vulnerable to the accumulation of water on the floor. The boards are made from extruded polystyrene (XPS) and feature deep drainage channels on one side, delivering impressive draining qualities every time.

XPS foam has a tight, closed cell structure, which provides remarkable compressive strength in addition to delivering exceptional resistance to water absorption. Each board has shiplap edges, which allow them to overlap and fit snugly together, forming a layer that is totally watertight. These qualities make Danopren an ideal floor insulation product when used as part of a professional basement water­pro­ofing system.

Danopren rigid foam panels are installed adjacent to basement drainage channels and across basement slabs, forming an insulated layer that is guaranteed to provide stable, long-term support for cavity drain flooring membranes (when used in Type C tanking appli­cations). Each board is 50mm deep and measures 0.75 square metres.

The insulation sheets are excep­ti­onally easy to lay and trim, allowing reliable results to be rapidly achieved. Boards are simply laid in the same style as when lying bricks, before all joints are securely taped. When used to insulate cellar floors or any other bases that are vulnerable to flooding, each board should be firmly secured to the concrete slab using mechanical anchors (also available from Twistfix): the anchors should be installed at the rate of five fixings per board though it should be noted that no fixing should be placed within 50mm of the board's edge or 150mm from any of its corners.

Find out more about new Danopren Basement Floor Insulation Board on the product page, where a data sheet is also available for download. Purchase now and save £££'s on the recommended retail price.

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