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Three Steps to Structural Success

Wall tie anchors  are much easier to instal than most people give them credit for; the process can actually be broken down into three very simple steps. The extra-long, heavy duty wall ties we supply have been designed by Thor Helical to provide the most professional results every time, whether used in brick, block, stone or concrete walls. Visit the product page for a special surprise discount.

The Design

A feat of technology and engineering, all Thor Helical remedial wall ties from Twistfix benefit from twin-start helical blades with a reactive interface angle, allowing and extremely accurate self-tapping penetrative path to be formed when they are hammered into the masonry element. Each of these heavy-duty wall tying anchors has a diameter of 12mm and is manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel for superior resistance to corrosion.

The helix consistency and driving confi­gura­ti­on aspects of Thor Helical wall ties are patented. Traditional ties involve clamping the wire at one end while the other is turned, developing a helix with a varying pitch across its length, Thor helical ties use advanced twisting die technology to control this pitch more precisely, forming tightly-mating threads that guarantee superior interlock performance.

At the driving end, the patented arrangement (Pat GB2439633) guarantees safe, controlled installation at close quarters and low cost tooling that allows the operator to keep both hands on the drill throughout, making it easier during insertion.

The Quality

Helical wall ties have been used for more than 25 years and are recommended in B.R.E. Digest 329 (Table 5) as being “suitable for use in all remedial situations”, irrespective of the buildings substrate or its fire performance criteria.­  The long-series 12mm diameter ties have been subject to intensive independent testing programmes and are CE marked to be reliable in all types of masonry strapping applications including; tying facades at 'T'-junctions, stitching walls at cracked corners, reinforcing parapet walls and pinning masonry or brick arches.­  The 12mm ties have twice the strength of any other hammer-driven helical ties of similar design or function.

The Benefits

The interlock anchorage of the wall tie does not exert expansive stress and does not or rely on adhesives, enabling it to be used in sub-zero temperatures and without the use of  cement grouts.­  The structural anchorage continues to provide its support throughout temperature extremes, including fire, without being affected.­  The dry fix mechanical wall connectors are 10 times faster to instal than cement-grouted structural pinning systems.

In cross-sectional profile, the tie reveals a wide portion which is there to maximise grip and a narrow portion responsible for accom­moda­ting natural building movements and vibrations.­  When under load, the helical blades impart an accumulative cone of stress at tangential angles to the helix; this means that the load is evenly spread across the length of the wall anchor.­  Our long-series 12mm wall tie anchors are available in 8 standard lengths ranging from 610mm (24") to 1670mm (66").

The 3 Steps

DRILL a small pilot hole using a light hammer drill. Make sure to stop the rotation of the drill before drilling the remote wall layer to prevent whipping.

Using a lightweight hammer drill and SDS settiing tool, HAMMER-DRIVE the tie into the masonry.

Once the self tapping tie is recessed beneath the wall face, FINISH the job by disguising the entry bore with suitable colour-matching mortar.


We want to ensure a 100% success rate to our customers and our team are always available to help you get the very best from your purchase. Call us today and find out what makes our products a cut above the rest.

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Grade II Structure Restored to Former Glory

Newman Building Solutions have recently completed a structural masonry rein­for­cem­ent project on a grade II listed building on the outskirts of London. The combination of their expert knowledge and Twistfix products ensured that the project was a complete success, restoring Mymms Hall to its full former glory.

Mymms hall is located in north London and dates back to the 16th century. Over the years, many additions have been made to the main structure, including an annexe which was built in the late Victorian era. The main structure, along with these later additions, had fallen into a state of disrepair and full re­fur­bis­hme­nt became necessary.

Newman Building Solutions specialise in this kind of remedial work and so the company was contacted in the initial stages of the planned refur­bis­hme­nt. They were asked to create a feasible repair and restoration scheme that combined a modern approach with sympathetic techniques suitable for such delicate work.

The first stage involved carrying out extensive soil investigati­ons, which showed that the building foundations were inadequate; this is a common issue with buildings of such an age. Structural engineers agreed that an underpinning or piling scheme would cause too much disruption and possible damage and so a su­pers­truc­ture re­in­forcement scheme would be preferable.

Almost every lintel throughout the building had failed, leading to stepped diagonal cracking and separation; the cause of the lintel failure was found to be excessive ground movement along with increased loads. Pointing faults had been aggravated by root ingress from ivy, adding to the overall instability of the structure.

Engineers at Newman Building Solutions designed a scheme that utilised more than half a kilometre of Twistfix helical bars as retrofit bed joint rein­for­cem­ent. This was used to create helibeams within the damaged masonry, increasing the load bearing capacity of the brickwork by distributing structural loads right across the building facades. As repointing was to be carried out with lime putty to match the original materials, grout or resin could not be used; this would create hard spots that would lead to further movement and cracking.

The project is now complete and will ensure that this beautiful building can carry on standing proud for many more years to come. Twistfix are proud that our masonry repair products have been used to preserve and strengthen this historic building.

All the information about our rein­for­cement products is available on the website so browse now and find the perfect combination for your project.

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Damp Injection Cream: The Builder's Box

Unsightly, unhealthy and damaging, the negative effects of rising damp are well documented. Damp walls provide a unwelcoming environment and the increased conductivity of the walls leads to heat loss, creating un­com­for­tab­le conditions and un­ne­ces­sa­rily wasting vital money and power resources.­  Although more common in older buildings due to the porous lime mortars and often the lack of a damp course, rising damp affects many newer buildings as well; if inferior materials have been used or a careless bricklayer employed the problem can affect almost any property.

We are surrounded by natural moisture, both in the air as vapour and in the ground as liquid. This moisture naturally seeps into porous mortar and brick or stonework. Groundwater in particular can contain soluble salts which collect on the wall surface as moisture evaporates; these salts then draw further moisture from the atmosphere, aggravating the problem. The water rises through the pores of the masonry by capillary action until, unless it evaporates, gravity cause it to sink again. This height varies but does not generally exceed 1.2 metres; the deposited salts and clear line of demarcation are classic signs of rising damp.

Rising Damp Injection Cream is a low-cost, low-waste way to create a damp proof course. Twistfix supply a professional option which is a  silane formula without the addition of any thickening agents,delivering a highly active solution in the form of a cream that utilises advanced emul­­si­­fica­­ti­­on technology to achieve the required consistency.

The Damp Injection 8000 Box is a refill pack designed with professional builders in mind. This genuine, reliable, BBA-approved product contains 8 litres of the injection cream and is supplied in a compact, recyclable box. As is the case with the Twistfix trademark, you can also expect to pay the most competitive market rate as compared to any similar product that meets the same standard.

Find out the tech specs of the Damp Injection 8000 builder’s refill pack on the product page. If you need advice on this or any of the other many products available on our website, then simply give our experienced team a call to receive prompt, reliable and expert attention.

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Where's the Wall Ties?! New Estate Fails Inspection

The NHBC (National House Building Council) carry out detailed inspections of new properties, in order to ensure everything has been built and finished to a safe, habitable standard. If inspectors discover any issues, the new properties are considered to have failed the inspection and must be brought up to standard before being deemed acceptable for habitation.

Timber Frame Ties

A new housing estate in South Wales recently fell foul of an NHBC inspection, which found that the timber frame wall ties in the properties were inadequate. The developers of the new estate got in touch with us here at Twistfix; our experts were quick to recommend one of our long-term, regular customers (NBS) as the best contractor to rectify the situation.

The new estate comprises 160 timber frame properties; these were found to be structurally unsound due to their brick facades being ineffective­ly secured to the frame. Instead, the facades had simply been nailed to adjacent plywood sheeting, ne­ces­si­tating the installation of high-quality timber frame wall ties.

Perhaps surpri­sin­gly, this is a common defect encountered with newly built timber frame properties; the main structure of the building effectively forms a self-contained frame discrete from an external brick facade. These two elements must be joined securely by installing timber frame wall ties at regular intervals; this ensures structural stability and prevents bricks falling away from the building and posing a health and safety hazard.

Contractors at NBS are highly experienced in this type of remedial work and make full use of the Twistfix product portfolio to facilitate their professional work. The company know that they can trust the consistent high quality of our diverse array of Twistfix materials, tools and ancillaries to get the job done and our specially engineered, self-tapping stainless steel wall ties are no exception to the rule.

Experts at NBS describe Twistfix timber frame wall ties as ‘incredibly efficient’ and as ‘the most flexible available on the market today’. CE Marked and fully compliant with all relevant health, safety and quality standards, the tried and tested wall ties provide an extremely secure connection between the brick facade and timber frame, with the added benefit of being an invisible remedy and thus not affecting the aesthetic of the new properties.

For all wall tie requ­ire­men­ts, Twistfix is the name to trust. Discover more on our website.

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It's Time to Insulate

There is already a taste of winter in the air, with darker nights quickly drawing in and a bracing, exhilarating chill in the air. It won’t be long before that chill becomes biting and breathtaking so it’s time to check your insulation and make sure you have a warm home throughout.

SuperQuilt Multi Foil Insulation

SuperQuilt Multi Foil Insulation

SuperQuilt Multi Foil Insulation

Insulation is one of the basic components of a well-built house yet it is surprising how little many people know (or seem to care!) about the type of insulation they currently have and how effective that insulation really is. In just a few simple steps, you could make sure you have the answers to these questions - and extremely pleasing answers they are too.

Judging by the high volume, reliable consistency and repeated sales of SuperQuilt, our customers can’t get enough of it! This is due to its many impressive features and benefits, which include:

Simplicity: installing SuperQuilt is so easy and provides immediate ef­fec­tive­ness. Lightweight, flexible and convenient to work with, the insulation is a DIYers dream

Efficiency: SuperQuilt comprises 19 layers of insulation material to provide one of the most effective thermal barriers available on the market today. When installed with air-gaps of 25mm, a thermal resistance of at least  2.50m2K­/W is achieved

Versatility: whatever the temperature outside, SuperQuilt keeps on working. Infrared heat is continually reflected, meaning warmth is kept in during winter and out during summer. Ideal for both refurb and new-build projects, this product will be with you all the way

Economy: by reducing the need for artificial cooling or heating in a property, SuperQuilt multi foil insulation saves you money and improves your green credentials too. Don’t forget our 23% discount, only available for for a limited time!

Reliability: the innovative insulation solution has been in­de­pen­den­tly tested and has received Building Control cer­ti­fication so you can order with complete confidence from us

A warm, welcoming home is always inviting but becomes even more so when you’re arriving there after a day spent shivering! Faulty, old or even non-existent insulation is not an option during the winter. What are you waiting for? Order SuperQuilt today and start saving straight away!

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The Strongest Bond

Crack Stitching GroutThe essential process of masonry crack repair is facilitated with high-performance grout, which is often specified for its superior quality. Twistfix are proud suppliers of WHO-60 grout, used to effectively bond retrofit helical bars into position. Our products are the only proven bar and grout combination with load tables issued by the BRE (Building Research Es­tab­lis­hme­nt) following extensive testing.

When crack stitching bars are installed into walls and brickwork, they must be firmly anchored into place. This calls for the use of WHO-60, which has an innovative formulation of polymeric resin powder/­liquid components combined expertly with cement to produce a cohesive, smooth and easily-worked grout.

WHO-60 masonry repair grout is thixotropic, meaning that its viscosity prior to solidifying decreases with stress, for example when stirring and applying. This makes it incredibly easy to work with and, as such, it can be effectively applied with trowel or mortar gun.

When mixed according to the given specifi­cati­ons, the WHO-60 brick stitching grout supplied by Twistfix renders three litres of product. As with all of the masonry repair, damp proofing, cellar tanking and insulation solutions we offer, all necessary precautions should be taken when using WHO-60 masonry stitching grout.

Through our many years of experience, we have learned to recognise that speed is often key in renovation and construction work and so we endeavour to deliver all of our products, including WHO-60 masonry grout, as quickly as possible. WHO-60 masonry repair  grout is included in many of our 'everything - you - need' kits including our Arch Repair Kit, Brick Pinning Kit and our best selling Crack Stitching Kit.

A regular purchaser from Twistfix left a review after buying this product that states they ‘ordered stitching grout one day, received (it) the next’. This swift and efficient delivery also led the reviewer to add that we were ‘spot on’ with our service!

Find out more about the many superlative qualities possessed by WHO-60 masonry repair grout by calling 0845 123 6006 or email sales@­twistfix.­co.­uk.

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Insofast and the Super 7s....

Contractors all over the UK are gearing up for the annual increase in orders for waterpro­ofi­ng and insulation projects that are caused by the onset of cold, windy and wet weather. Make sure your business is ready with two of our best-selling professional solutions — Super-7 and Insofast.

Super-7 Warm Roof Fixings

The Super-7 Warm Roof Fixing was specifically engineered to be used in thicker layers of over-rafter insulation and is the strongest, most cost-effective helical fastener available on the market. It is also the only warm roof batten fixing to be assessed and approved in­de­pen­den­tly; this thorough testing was carried out by CERAM and the results applied to a BRE-approved design method.

Designed to give optimal performance while reducing materials and labour time, up to 40% fewer Super-7 helical fasteners are required in comparison to standard 6mm helical fixings when calculated using the BRE-approved HeliCalc software. Fixing spe­cifi­cati­ons provided by this calculator comply strictly with BS:6399 Parts II and III and have the relevant Eurocode safety factors applied, putting an end to the risk of choosing a manufacturer that delivers spe­cifi­cations based on unpublished design criteria and test data.

Insofast Insulation Fixings

Making expert use of the Super-7 helical system, Insofast flat roof insulation fixings are primarily used to secure laminates above roof deck rafters. Each fixing is based on a Super-7 helical shank which has a dome-reinforced head welded above. This allows the fixing to be easily and accurately driven using an SDS driving tool or ordinary hammer, strongly affixing insulation boards to the deck joists of the roofing structure. The innovative fixing is available in either a stainless steel or zinc-plated carbon steel format and can be supplied in a com­pre­hen­si­ve selection of lengths ranging between 145 - 225mm.

Whether protecting a flat or pitched roof, a rigid foam or mineral fibre insulation material, we can quickly supply your firm with professional quality solutions at the most competitive price. Get ready for the Winter with Twistfix and make those roofs water tight.

Want to find out more about how you can raise your company profile by working with Twistfix? Call us now!

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The Perfect Brick Face Repair

The face bricks of buildings are the first line of defence against the elements and can become damaged over time. Replacing these bricks can be costly and, particularly with older bricks, sourcing the right match almost impossible. The solution is brick face repair and Twistfix make it easy with our brick-coloured repair mortar, available in a wide selection of colours.

Brick Face Repair Mortar

Damaged brick face

Brick Face repair with coloured mortar

Repairing damaged face bricks with our colour matching repair mortar is far less disruptive than replacing them. The method also ensures a high level of cost-effec­tive­ness both in terms of material and labour costs. The appearance of the damaged brickwork is immediately improved when repaired using the mineral-based mortar, which has been specifically designed for restoring damaged brick surfaces.

Colour matching brick repair mortar is vapour permeable. This means that salts and moisture are allowed to freely migrate to the surface, a quality which creates strong resistance to salt expansion and prevents the freeze/thaw cycle that causes spalling at the brick face. Showing the most outstanding bonding cha­rac­te­ris­tics, coloured repair mortar has been formulated to be wholly compatible with oven-fired masonry units and each colour-matched compound promises to deliver the most robust, durable finish with a natural aesthetic.

Using the mortar is easy and fast, giving professional results. Full instructions are provided with the product but here is a brief guide of how to use;

  • Clear damaged bricks of all dust and dirt

  • Lightly wet the substrate

  • Mix the repair mortar with water. Use 1 part of water with 4 to 5 parts of powder

  • Apply in layers up to 20mm thick; final layer should stand proud of brick surface and given time to cure

  • After curing and for up to 48hrs after application, mortar can be sanded and shaped as required

  • Wash tools and spills with clear water

  • Note; product should not be used in temperatures below 5°C

There are 11 different colours to choose from in our selection and each is guaranteed to provide a professional level of brick repair. Enjoy browsing the collection and contact our experts for further advice and information.

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Tea, Rain and Membrane

Grumbling about or showing an inclination to talk more than passingly about the weather is such a common trait among people from the UK that it has developed into an inter­nati­onal stereotype (along with the fact that we drink tea at any possible opportunity).

Damp Check – Mesh Membrane Kit

Damp Check – Mesh Membrane Kit

Damp Check – Mesh Membrane Kit

It’s interesting to note that, when compared to many other countries, our climate is actually one of the most agreeable on the planet. But enough of the science, let’s have a cup of tea and talk about that rain!

For those parts of the country that got the recent rainy weather, and that was most of them, it was a pretty heavy storm even by UK grumble standards. Residents in flood-prone areas, many of whom had only just got their homes back to a habitable state, watched the sky anxiously through the night as the rain continued.

The rain, as it always eventually does, stopped falling and we all went back to our cups of tea, grumbling about it. What many people may not realise is that, while the rain has gone, the damage it has done remains and continues to worsen.  Here at Twistfix, we always try to tailor our special offers to the events of the moment and the Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit is currently available at an even more competitive price than usual.

A membrane is the only viable method of immediately reinstating wall plaster after a remedial DPC injection, the alternative demands an interval of weeks before plastering is permitted to ensure compliance with British Standards and ma­­nuf­­ac­­turers’ BBA cer­­ti­­ficates. The mesh face of the membrane will readily accept tile adhesives, cement renders and plasterboard dabs while the reverse side comprises stand-off studs with air-gaps between; this latter combination ensures water drains away behind the membrane while still allowing the wall to ‘breathe’.

The Damp Check Kit contains 10m of membrane along with 100 hammer-in fixing plugs and 10m of butyl rubber wa­­ter­­pro­­ofi­­ng tape, everything you need to start, get on with and complete the job to a professional standard.

Get the Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit at a reduced price and make sure that the only storm is in your teacup

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Guard your Gutters with Twistfix

It is time to say goodbye to summer (summer? What summer?!) as autumn makes its way in. This summer has been particularly rainy and gutters have therefore had a lot of work to do: clean and well maintained gutters have admirably fulfilled their task. Now that autumn has begun and the leaves will soon be falling, the problem of falling leaves blocking gutters is set to become apparent. Not to mention the twigs, branches and other debris that will be blown into gutters by the wind (yes, lots of gales are predicted for the coming month, we are sorry to say).

Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard

When gutters become blocked, excess water cannot be successfully drained to the ground. It spills over the gutter’s edges and drains wherever it can, often causing damp problems in woodwork and masonry. The problems caused by damp and inadequate damp proofing are well documented, ranging from structural damage to mould growth which can have serious effects on human health. Mould removal can often be a costly process and prevention is always better than cure.

Fitting Hedgehog Gutter Guard is an ideal way to avoid the problem of blocked gutters and attendant damp. Quickly and easily installed, this innovative product lasts for years once fitted, providing peace of mind and relief from the yearly ladder-climb to manually clear the guttering. Twistfix Gutter Guard fits around corners and over down pipe outlets easily and can be adapted for use on pathway drainage, fitting below grids to prevent debris blockage. The unique po­lyp­ro­pyle­ne brush filaments are spun around a stainless steel wire spine which makes them strong and durable, with a lifespan of many years.

Twistfix provide this superior product in single lengths of four metres for DIY applications or, if you are a trade customer or carrying out a large project, you can benefit from cost savings by purchasing our 40m Trade Pack. As with all of our products, Twistfix Gutter Guard is guaranteed to meet and exceed ex­pec­tati­ons. We are a leading provider of damp proofing, masonry crack repair, mould removal and crack stitching solutions. Our expert team are always on hand to assist and advise, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. To guarantee a hassle-free winter, install Twistfix Gutter Guard NOW, right as autumn begins.

All information you need about Hedgehog Gutter Guard

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