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With Bonfire Night just around the corner, it's an ideal time to be thinking about fire safety. The compre­hen­sive Twistfix portfolio of construction materials includes a wide range of products designed to reduce the risk of fire, as well as to minimise its damaging effects. For your convenience, we have grouped these items together in the dedicated 'Fireproof Products' section of our website. This edition of our blog focuses on two of these products: Thermoguard Intumescent Paint and Everbuild Pyro Mate Silicone.

Thermoguard Intumescent Paint

Thermoguard Intumescent Paint is designed to imbue structural steel and cast iron with impressive fire resistance. In the event of a fire, the paint expands dramatically in size to create a foam-like carbon char: this insulates the metal beneath to protect it from flames and intense heat.

The coating ensures that steel and cast iron remains below critical temperature, preventing structural integrity from becoming compromised. Easily applied with roller, brush or airless spray, Thermoguard Intumescent Paint dries extremely rapidly, reducing downtime and improving efficiency and produc­tivity. Twistfix also supply Thermoguard Intumescent Paint for use on timber surfaces.

Thermoguard Fire Retardant Varnish Kit

Comprising a tin of Thermoguard intumescent varnish base coat, a bottle of activator and a tin of flame retardant varnish top coat, this compre­hen­sive kit contains sufficient materials to treat up to 20 square metres of timber surface, providing a Class 0 fire-rated varnish system. In fire situations, the intumescent base coat expands to protect wood from flames and heat, reducing the possibility of the timber from igniting while preventing the further propagation of fire.

Available in satin or matt finish options, Thermoguard Fire Retardant Varnish provides a strong and attractive decorative finish for woodwork such as panels, cladding and trim. In addition to fire protection, the product also delivers protection against UV radiation along with general wear and tear.

Everbuild Pyro Mate Silicone

Everbuild Pyro Mate Silicone is designed for the effective sealing of voids, joints and gaps in fire partitions and walls that require a fire rating; in certain joint confi­gura­tions, the use of Everbuild Pyro Mate Silicone can achieve a fire rating of up to five hours. The neutral-core silicone sealant formula carries the CE approval mark and adheres rigidly to the strict guidelines of the EN1366-4 standard for fire retardancy.

Everbuild Pyro Mate Silicone can be used successfully on most interior and exterior building surfaces whether they are porous or non-porous. Quick and simple to apply, the non-slump formula can be used without any need for priming.

Discover our complete collection of fireproof products, including fire foam, foil insulation and insulation fixings, on the Twistfix website.

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