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Atlas 110 Twin (3 Phase)
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The Atlas110 is a twin-pump pumping station designed to be floor mounted. The station is available in a Single Phase and a Three Phase option. It is suitable for pumping both foul and storm water to a higher level when gravity drainage is not possible or is uneconomical to install.

The pump can be fitted inside a building either at the contruction stage or during renovation and will discharge waste from bathrooms, basements, changing rooms, commercial premises and similar.
  • Single Phase (Max Values): Vertical output = 10m, horizontal output = 90m, Flow rate 660 litres per minute 
  • Three Phase (Max Values): Vertical output = 9.5m, horizontal output = 90m, Flow rate 666 litres per minute

The Atlas 110 Twin comprises a polyethylene tank with two built-in vortex pumps and an electronic control panel. This twin-pump pumping station has a number of inlets available at varying levels and sizes, which should be cut on site.

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