Rail Strike Misery

Often I do need to rely on public transport to get to places unfortunately it never seems to run smoothly.

This weekend I decided to have a weekend off which for me is very rare, I always seem to work over the weekends. It was the wife’s idea to go away to such a place and she also suggested using public transport after a bit of persuasion I agreed to go. Firstly we had to catch a bus from town waiting at the bus station for a bus to come which tool 30 mins! Despite adverts claiming buses were every 7 mins. Having hopped onto a bus and travelled a nice scenic route for more than an hour we had reached were we wanted to be. We decided to come home after 6:00pm and were both appalled to find there was not a bus home after 5:40pm. Train home it was. After a 20min walk to the train station a huge sign had been placed outside warning of industrial strike action on Monday 13th March, that’s today! Most if not all services would be cancelled. That’s a bad blow for regular transport users.

I had bought a newspaper from the shop on the station and I stumbled across a news story that stated that more than one home every minute will need to be refurbished in the UK between now and 2050, they will need to insulate 25 million home as a way of cutting carbon emissions, homes needing to be renovated at a rate of 1.4 homes a minute. That’s a lot! Led me to think ‘is it possible?’

Leaving the train, none of our tickets we had bought for the journey had been checked should I add. I thought to myself. Let’s not do this again.

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