Roof Repairs: Our Professional Product Range

The roof of a structure is the first line of defence against the elements and, as such, should always be kept in good repair. Whether you are a professional builder or competent DIYer, Twistfix can quickly and cost-effectively supply you with a comprehensive collection of roof repair products, each guaranteed to be of the most professional quality. Here is a selection of our roof repair products...

  • Grafter Breathable Membrane. Used as an underlay for tiled/slated warm or cold roof constructions, Grafter Breathable Membrane produces high vapour permeability and resistance to moisture. As lightweight as it is flexible, the product is manufactured using a unique bonding process that brings together micro-porous film and non-woven membrane.
  • EPDM Rubber Roofing. For more than four decades, EPDM roofing products have been used to renew and/or repair flat roofs. Supplied in large, seamless sheets, the product can be used on any size of roof with speed and simplicity. Standard sizes are available immediately from stock or we can cut bespoke sizes to your specification. This product is also available as part of a comprehensive kit: check the product page for details.
  • Dry Verge: Slate. An intelligent way to tidy up roof edges and block any unsightly gaps, this product delivers protection at the roof edge. Made from UPVC and mechanically fixed, these roof edge caps are maintenance-free once installed and require no pointing. They can be used on any type of roof with guaranteed results, allowing you to effortlessly secure roof tiles and protect them from dislodgement by wind.
  • Acrylic Roof Sealing Paint. Widely recognised as the best acrylic roof repair coating available on the market, this versatile product quickly delivers a waterproof coating, instantly sealing leaks in any of the full spectrum of roofing materials. Its elastomeric formula benefits from added fibres which enhance flexural strength, letting it flex with the natural thermal movements of the roof.

These are just some of the professional roof repair products supplied by Twistfix. Discover more on our website.

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