Seaside Home Waves Goodbye to Damp

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Tim Clark is a regular Twistfix customer and dampproofing contractor who has previously been successfully paired with clients. Another job has recently been completed by a building repair expert using our professional products on a seaside home in East Sussex - check out his photos to see Twistfix Damp Seal Water Repellent Cream in action!

The property is located in beautiful East Sussex, on the southeast coast of England and just a few metres away from the high tide line. Attractive as the area may be, all of its properties are regularly exposed to heavy, driving rain accompanied by strong winds, both of which can cause or exacerbate damage to masonry.

In exposed coastal areas, sea spray is also an issue due to the corrosiveness of the dissolved salt. In extreme and windy weather it is not uncommon for shoreline homes to become soaked at high tide.

A combination of rain and sea spray penetration led to damp inside the property, at which point the owners contacted Twistfix. After describing the issues fully to us, we directed the user to Tim Clark who investigated and diagnosed the damp problem before recommending a solution.

Work began with a full power-washing of all render to get rid of salt and dirt contaminates.  The surface was allowed to dry before Twistfix Damp Seal cream was applied to each elevation in turn. Tim’s photos show the simple yet highly-effective process of applying the cream, which was applied at the rate of 1 litre per 5 square metres.

The professional grade facade cream has been formulated with a high strength silicone base to specifically penetrate deeply into brick, concrete and rendered surfaces to protect walls, bridges and piers from driving rain-water and sea spray, whilst retaining breathability of the structure.

"Since the cream was applied, heavy rain and wind have battered the property several times and the water just runs off the wall; there is no sign of any moisture whatsoever". The property is now completely damp-free and is habitable once again, to the great relief and happiness of the owner.

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