Slimline 3 Floor Membrane

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Baseline 3 is a low-profile air-gap membrane for isolating damp and contaminated concrete floors without extensive surface preparation.  It is moulded from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and incorporates 3mm stand-off studs at 20 mm centres.

This high performance dimpled waterproofing membrane is resistant to water, warter vapour and salt transfer.­  It easy to cut and quick to lay, leaving an impermeable waterproof surface that permits direct laying of floors and screeds.

Coverage 40m2 2m x 20m roll

  Baseline 3 - Slimline Floor Membrane   Data
  Material   HDPE
  Sheet Thickness   0.5mm
  Stud Height   3mm
  Water Void Capacity   2.19 l/m²
  Weight   0.5 Kg/m² 
  Water tightness at 60 kPa   >24 hours
  Working Temperature   -50°C to +80°C
  Softening Temperature   126°C
  Mean Compressive Strength   246 kN/m² 

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