Storm ‘what’s her name’

Last week we encountered what is surely the wettest day of 2017

 Storm ‘what’s her name’ came and went, It was the wrong time to be doing an outside job. On Thursday I had to install 300 Wall Ties in a property. I decided to order 2 of the 150 kits from Twistfix. They arrived in good time. Arriving on site in the van I was already soaked from the rain. As I was loading the van the wind thrust the rain into my face, this resulted in soaking me from head to toe. I knew from then this wasn’t going to be a great day. My cousin works with me and had come to help for the day. Pity him. On hearing the news that people had been injured, hurt and somebody even killed by the storm I thought about my own safety.

When I stopped for lunch I opened my sandwich as was horrified to find water had seeped through the foil. These were my only sandwiches!. Finished the job and retreated to the van, by now I was pretty fed up but happy I had completed what needed doing. On the drive home most of the awful weather had vanished there was just a bitter breeze, no rain. That’s typical. This week hasn’t been too bad so far, nothing on last week anyhow. I do note that it is the 1st March both the mornings and nights are longer which is good news if you like lighter mornings and evenings (some prefer the opposite). Clocks go forward at the end of the month, it seems like only yesterday I was talking about them going back.

Keep your raincoats out for now, I’m sure there’s plenty more days of wet weather to come, This is the UK!

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