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Two heavy duty pumps in a high quality water sump and a UPS battery back up pump server.  This top end pump sump kit forms a water management system to compliment basement water­pro­ofing. This kit removes water drained from cavity drain basement membranes even in the event of a power failure. Kit includes:

  • Large polyethylene basement pump-sump tank, access cover, fittings bolts and seals
  • Two powerful submersible pumps each with float arm and non-return valve - 230V
  • UPS battery back-up pump server
  • Low voltage water alarm 9V DC Fittings kit (Pipes & fittings)

The sump dimensions measure 600mm high x 600mm diameter. The submersible pumps have a motor rating of 340W delivering a maximum:

  • Vertical Output 7M
  • Horizontal Output 50M
  • Flow Rate 264l/min

The UPS battery packs drive a 24V back-up pump in circumstances where loss of mains power or primary pump failure could otherwise prove catastrophic

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