Tanking Membrane 20m

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Baseline 3 Mesh is a cost effective tanking membrane manufactured from from high density polyethylene (HDPE.  This mesh faced damp proofing membrane has 3mm studs formed on one face of the product, which are spaced at 20mm centres in both directions.­  It has a polyp­ro­pylene mesh welded to the other side,­ which forms a key for plastering or ‘dot and dab’ dry lining.

This semi-transparent tanking membrane is robust but pliable and can be easily bent around corners and cut with a knife or scissors. It is quick and easy to install:

  • Fix at 250-300mm centres using mesh membrane plugs fitted into an 8mm hole.
  • Seal joints with butyl rubber water­pro­ofing tape
  • Plaster, tile or dot and dab plasterboard sheets directly onto the mesh face.

This low cost tanking membrane is ideal for:

  • Plastering after the insertion of a damp proof course, where it is necessary to plaster the walls without allowing a period for initial drying
  • Wet rooms and showers
  • Difficult to treat areas of dampness or conta­mina­tion (disused chimney breasts, high external ground levels, etc.)

Baseline 3 Tanking membrane has an overall thickness of 3.5mm with ample air gap between studs to allow walls to breathe or drain.  it is available at a special trade price in a 1m x 20m and a 2m x 20mm roll


  Baseline 3 Mesh Membrane   Data
  Material   HDPE
  Sheet Thickness   0.5mm
  Membrane Height   3mm
  Water Void Capacity   2.19 l/m²
  Weight   0.5 Kg/m² 
  Water tightness at 60 kPa   >24 hours
  Working Temperature   -50°C to +80°C
  Softening Temperature   126°C
  Mean Compressive Strength   160 kN/m² 

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Oh and the membrane ain't bad either

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