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Perhaps the best definition of a weed is ‘a plant in the wrong place’. Indeed, to an untrained eye, many weeds do not appear to be so at all: Japanese Knotweed was introduced to this country via a Victorian botanical garden, where it was prized for its beauty. Of course, this voracious plant is now recognised as the single most damaging and invasive species in the UK.

However pretty some weeds may look, they are going to cause damage to the soil and to other plants, so it's vital that you either take the time to find out just what’s growing out there or call in a professional. In the case of Japanese knotweed, you’re legally obliged to get rid of the stuff; mortgages may be refused on properties with a knotweed problem and if it spreads, you're liable for the damage it causes elsewhere too.

Another one of the major nasties is giant hogweed, and this is really one you need to be careful with. It’s full of sticky sap that causes a reaction in human skin, making it become ultra-sensitive to sunlight. May people have been severely burned as a result of coming into contact with giant hogweed and so it's vital you're able to recognise it.

These are the heavyweights of the weed world but there are literally hundreds of other common offenders such as dandelions, daisies, buttercups, nettles, chickweed and dock leaves. All of these can be real pests when it comes to maintaining a healthy garden but you can step in and give Mother Nature a helping hand with our range of weed control products.

As well as a selection of chemical treatments, we also supply high-quality knapsack sprayers and injection guns, to ensure that the chemicals are properly applied for maximum effec­tiveness.

*Roundup Provantage 480 and Roundup Probio are  sold for professional use only.  The purchaser must ensure that the indended user holds the appropriated certificate(s) as required by Sections 8 and 9 of The Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012. Users must wear suitable clothing (coveralls), rubber boots and suitable protective gloves (not provided)*

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