Apple and Damson Trees

Coming back from work on Tuesday I saw the wife was messing around in the kitchen by the doors to the garden, I went over to see what was happening to find out she had bought 4 trees, two apple and two damson trees after she went out for only one, what made her buy so many?

I was unsure if the garden needed them, let alone if we have the room to fit them in. We only have a small garden ¼ of the room taken up by a shed in the corner and in one corner we have an area that needs.  I guess it is a good time to start work in the garden for summer, we have just had our kitchen done. Maybe this is the next project? It has been two years since we had a Japanese Knotweed problem, I took care of that with the Round Up from Twistfix. Since my garden has been spectacular! (in the summer anyway)

I decided to make tea while the wife moved the trees around to find where best they fit. The garden isn’t particularly my thing and I’m happy to keep out of any decisions made on it and hopefully I won’t be roped in to maintaining the trees. Still after 20 minutes no place had been found for the trees. I had advised to not put them near the shed door as it would knock the tree over when it was swung open. I think it took over and hour for her to make the final decision I haven’t since even looked to see where they are, Most likely blown over.

It’s important to prepare your garden by decluttering and getting rid of any weeds that not only look horrible but some can cause structural damage.

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