Ubiflex Your Roof Muscles!

Once found in almost everything from paint to petrol, lead is now much less commonly encountered. This is because its drawbacks and dangers grew ever more apparent in the light of new research and technology advanced sufficiently quickly for us to find more suitable al­ter­natives.

One of the main uses of lead was as a roof covering and lead flashing (on bay tops, valley gutters and cavity trays for example) remains a somewhat effective option in this narrow field. Many older buildings, particularly churches, still have their old lead roof (though these have become a prime target for thieves over the years).

It isn’t just churches that have had their roofs attacked; many domestic properties have also fallen foul to scrap thieves. This common problem, along with the fact that lead is very heavy and well-known as a toxin, has seen the amount of lead used in construction fall dra­mati­cal­ly, ironically increasing its potential cash value even further.

So, what’s the alternative? In a word, Ubiflex. It has all the qualities and benefits of traditional lead flashing without any of the pitfalls and you can purchase the product as part of a complete kit from Twistfix. Here are some important details…

Ubiflex is a modified compound which centres on aluminium mesh as its core component

It outperforms lead in every respect, from its complete lack of toxicity to its recyclable qualities

One of lead’s most noticeable physical properties is its specta­cul­ar­ly-heavy weight: Ubiflex on the other hand has a very impressive strength/­weight ratio and is at least 80% lighter than a similar amount of the outdated metal

Seamless runs of up to a massive 12 metres can be easily installed and cutting the material is unbelievably easy

Tested exhaustively under an uncom­pro­mis­ing barrage of tough conditions, including water, temperature, wind, UV and more, Ubiflex displays unmatched qualities and needs almost no maintenance

Non-lead flashings are well-known to would-be scrap metal thieves as having little resale value and so your property will be left alone

The Twistfix Ubiflex kit comes with all of the fittings and accessories you need to complete a professional installation and rolls of the material can be purchased separately if required

Check out all the details of Ubiflex flashings and treat your roof to a makeover! Need advice? Our technical team are available to help: Live Chat with us, call us on the phone or drop us an email.

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