Universal Wood Preserver

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Lignum Universal Wood Preserver penetrates deep into timber to protect it from wet rot, dry rot, blue-stain fungi and woodworm. It's advanced micro-emulsion formulation combines two fungicides with an insecticide to offer lasting protection to vulnerable timber elements. This ready-to-use preservative is ideal for both DIY or professional use.

How to use Universal Wood Preserver

  • Open up and make accessible as much timber surface as is practical; e.g. lift some floorboards to gain access to both top and bottom surfaces of floorboards and to flooring joists.
  • Ensure all wooden surfaces are clean and free from dust and other contamination
  • Apply to all accessible surfaces of the timbers at the applicable coverage rates using either brush or low-pressure spray unit to provide lasting protection from wood rot and insect infestation,

Coverage for protection against wet rot, dry rot and blue stain fungi:

Apply at the rate of 200ml/m2, using 1L of fluid to protect a surface area of 5.0m2 (one 5L tin to protect a surface area of 25m2).

Coverage for treating woodworm infestation:

Apply diluted fluid at the rate of 300ml/m2, using 1L of fluid to protect a surface area of 3.3m2 of infested timber (one 5L tin to protect a surface area of 16.5m2).


  • Drying: Subject to timber and ambient conditions the product is touch dry after 1 hour and should be suitable for overpainting, varnishing or staining after 24 hours.
  • Finish: Lignum Universal is a clear liquid that does not leave a finish; however we advise to test on a small inconspicuous area before spraying to ensure product finish is as expected

Unprotected persons and animals should be kept away from surfaces treated with Lignum Universal Wood Preserver for 48 hours or until dry.

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