Who's best to help?

Ask the Expert

Before embarking on any DIY job at home or for somebody else it is always best practice to ask the expert first and foremost.

My best advice is to never ask a ‘know it all’ some who thinks they know everything but doesn’t. Let’s be honest we all know someone like that! I find it funny when arguments break out over “who knows more” or “who knows best”. My mate messed up on a DIY job he was doing in July over not asking the proper experts! He should of come to me..or Twistfix. I think his stubborn side go the better of him and he decided he didnt want to ask me.

Twistfix can provide detailed explanations on all their products over the phone or via email. That’s why I like to phone them up every now and again for help on certain things. Be it Damp Proofing, Wall Ties or Fire Paint. They know! Whatever is next on your list of things to do, don’t fret about it. Also I have been taking a look at the new products on the Twistfix website. Have you seen them? Twistfix now have in stock Fire Rated Foams and Sealants. If you get chance this weekend please do check them out because I think they’re awesome and it’s nice to see them adding to their Fire Product Range. I am looking forward to using it this year and so on.

Meanwhile I have been so busy with just about everything the past few months, while enjoying the finest parts of summer. Shame I never got to go away anywhere but have been to a few gigs including a gig I have been offered a spare ticket to on Tuesday in Manchester.

What have you been up to recently? 

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