Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

The weather recently has been more than a little changeable, even by British standards. There has been lots of rain in many parts of the country after several warm and sunny days, and more is on the way; Twistfix surface treatments can help you repair any damage that has already been done and prevent any more from occurring.

Roof sealing paintIt’s a good time to check out any areas where damp could have got a hold, especially in attics are roof spaces. Here’s what you should be looking (and smelling!) out for…

Check the walls, particularly near the junction with the ceiling. If there is any disco­lo­ura­tion, touch these areas to see if they are damp to the touch

If a large area is damp then the wall may appear a uniform colour with no dark patches; look out for telltale areas of crumbling plaster

Black mould is often present and this can give out a dank, musty and unpleasant odour

Roof leaks can be stopped in their tracks with our Roof Sealer Paint, which is an acrylic surface coating designed to deliver optimal performance. Applied without primer, the paint seals and waterproofs any perforations or cracks in flat-roof coverings via reinforcement fibres that are dispersed within the formula.

Best of all, you can use this product for emergency repairs as it waterproofs instantly on application, even if it's raining. Proper curing is guarantees as the paint will not wash off in the process.

Walls need equal protection and our Penetrating Damp Treatment is more than up to the job. The versatile formula can be applied with brush, spray or roller to suit your needs and, once applied, creates an air-permeable barrier that allows brick, block and stone walls to breathe. The silane-siloxane barrier that is created prevents any further moisture ingress, however hard the rain is driven against the wall.

Whatever surface it is that needs protecting from the weather, Twistfix have got it covered: literally! Let us help stamp out damp by providing you with surface treatments of the most professional standard.

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