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Electro Osmotic DPC Kit

Electro Osmotic DPC Kit


Part number: OSMOSIS-DPC
RRP £402.25 + VAT
Our Price £279.50 + VAT

You save £122.75 + VAT

You pay £335.40 inc. VAT

Product description

Electro osmotic damp proof course kit for rising damp treatment. Using osmosis a small current positively charges free moisture molecules, which are repelled from the positive anode and attracted to a negative cathode that is buried in the ground, (just as the "poles" of magnets repel or attract each other).

This Basic Electro Osmotic 25m Damp Proofing Kit includes:

25 x Platinum-coated Titanium Anodes connected by Titanium Wire
1 x Copper-plated Cathodic Earth Rod and Clamp Assembly
1 x Basic Osmotic power unit
1 x Crimping Tool
10 x Crimps
5m x Plain Titanium wire
5m x Wire and Sleeve (power unit to cathode)
1 x Set of Lectros electro-osmotic DPC installation guidelines

Ideal for walls up to 600mm thick and for rubble-filled walls, the Lectros Electro Osmotic damp-proofing system is the only dpc treatment that can be installed above timber flooring joists to drive excess moisture down to a level beneath them, fulfilling a vital requirement of a damp-proof course.




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