100 Helical bars - Builder Discount Pack

Twistfix supply a comprehensive collection of helical rods and bars for stitching cracks in walls that are built of brickwork, blockwork or stone.  One of these products is our DISCOUNTED professional remedial contractors pack of 100 helical reinforcement bars, which are used to facilitate masonry crack stitch repairs.

Cracks in masonry walls require immediate attention to prevent the problem becoming worse and leading to structural instability. Masonry reinforcement bars from Twistfix deliver immediate results and, as with every other product in our extensive portfolio, are guaranteed to be of the most professional quality and sold at a competitive price.

Our patented, helical reinforcement rods have been independently tested and our brick stitching system is proven to offer superior performance to other comparable products. Once correctly installed, the rods are guaranteed to significantly increase and improve the flexural, tensile and shear strength of cracked masonry walls.

Each helical reinforcement rod is supplied at a length of 1m with a diameter of 6mm.  Extensive testing has shown that, in use, the average tensile load capacity of our 6mm helical bed-joint reinforcement bonded in WHO-60 grout is in excess of 8kN.  The rods are sold in discounted building contractor packs of 100 bars at the discount price of just £2.90 + vat per meter.

To fix the bars, you will need WHO-60 masonry repair grout, a mixing paddle and Grout-Master mortar applicator. All of these products can also be purchased right here on the Twistfix website and are listed for your convenience on the masonry reinforcement bars product page.

For more details about our discounted builders pack of 100 crack stitch reinforcement rods, check out the website or get in touch with our technical team. Subscribe to our newsletter for product updates, special features, informative guides, special offers and much more.

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