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Twistfix received a phone call from a shop owner in Portsmouth who needed to have the walls of his store damp proofed in time to open for Christmas trade. The proprietors planned to close the damp shop on Saturday evening and to open up again on Tuesday morning. Registered contractor Perma-Fix Ltd. dashed to the rescue.

"I knew I would be in for a long weekend" said Perma-Fix director Mr David Cole "and also knew that I would need to come up with a solution to the issue that BBA certificates for certified damp proofing products require at least 14 daysafter injectionbefore new plaster can be applied to the walls.

The old damp plaster was removed first thing Sunday morning and a new damp proof course was injected using Damp-Cure cream in a professional DPC injection kit.  Following closely behind we were fitting the 3 mm mesh membrane to put a physical barrier between the damp walls and the new plastered finishes, knowing that the wall could dry out and breathe behind the air-gap membrane. By early evening our team of plasters had put a thin coat of plaster onto the mesh.

First thing Monday morning the finishing coat of plaster went on the wall and we had the rest of the day to clean up leaving the damp shop ready for opening on the following morning.

"Twistfix were great", said Dave Cole, "they passed me the sales lead and delivered everything direct to the site in Portsmouth."  The owner of the damp shop is extremely happy with Perma-Fix and, although I charged a bit extra for working through the weekend, he is able to open and take advantage of the Christmas trade".

Twistfix have a range of damp proofing products, to treat rising damp, stop penetrating damp and to combat condensation. We also have a full range of products for wall tie replacement, crack stitching and basement waterproofing.

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