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Defeat Damp with our DIY DPC Kit

Right on cue after a sweltering heatwave, the heavens opened and now it seems to have been raining for days! If any of this excess water finds its way from the ground into the brick walls of YOUR property, then you're going to be looking at costly, time-consuming repairs that are certainly going to put a damper on the rest of your summer holiday. This means that it's the perfect time to install a damp proof course (DPC) and Twistfix are right here by your side with the perfect product to do it with.

That product is one of our continual bestselling items here at Twistfix, testament to its superior efficiency, simplicity of installation and consistently competitive Twistfix price. The DIY Damp Proofing Cream Kit contains everything needed to create a professional, lasting damp proof course to stop rising damp in walls.

The comprehensive kit centres on eight 380ml cartridges of professional DPC which in itself offers a reliable rising damp treatment for brick and masonry walls. Formulated using a process of emulsi­fica­tion and therefore without the need for added thickening agents, the DPC included in our kit is sufficient to create a new chemical damp proof course that will protect up to 30m of single leaf wall or 15m of cavity wall.

The DPC is injected into pre-drilled holes along the bed joint selected for the DPC, where it immediately begins to migrate deeply into the pores of damp masonry walls, stopping rising damp in its tracks. All that's left to do is make good with sand and cement, which you can get on with right away.

As well as the crucial damp proofing cream, the kit also contains two SDS carbide drill bits of appropriate size, an extension tube and a heavy-duty caulking gun so you can get to work as soon as you've unboxed. We've even thrown in a pair of protective gloves to make sure you work safely.

Check out all the technical details of what's included in our bestselling DIY Damp Proofing Cream Kit on the product page and have a happy, dry summer!

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Professional Water­pro­ofing: Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit

Twistfix are expert suppliers of a comprehensive collection of professional damp proofing products, materials, equipment and accessories. One of the most popular options is the Twistfix Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit which, like every other product in our vast portfolio, is guaranteed to combine 100% quality with a competitive, cost-effective price.

The Twistfix Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit contains everything required to create an effective, long-lasting barrier against moisture ingress when isolating damp walls from the internal finishes that surround them. Though most frequently used after a remedial damp proof course has been installed, the components of the mesh membrane kit can also be used to successfully block damp penetration and to waterproof wet rooms and showers.

The waterproofing membrane system combines stand-off studs and a mesh face designed to accept tile adhesive, cement render and dot-and-dab dry lining. A consistent bestseller among profes­si­onals, the kit is particularly user-friendly, bending easily around corners and requiring only ordinary scissors or knives to cut accurately. Once installed, the membrane allows walls to breathe naturally, its mesh face letting water drain harmlessly away.

Need more information about the Twistfix Damp Check Mesh Membrane Kit or any other of our professional-quality damp proofing, water­­pro­­ofing, basement tanking, structural repair and renovation products? Get in touch with our expert technical team.

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100 Helical bars - Builder Discount Pack

Twistfix supply a comprehensive collection of helical rods and bars for stitching cracks in walls that are built of brickwork, blockwork or stone.  One of these products is our DISCOUNTED professional remedial contractors pack of 100 helical reinforcement bars, which are used to facilitate masonry crack stitch repairs.

Cracks in masonry walls require immediate attention to prevent the problem becoming worse and leading to structural instability. Masonry reinforcement bars from Twistfix deliver immediate results and, as with every other product in our extensive portfolio, are guaranteed to be of the most professional quality and sold at a competitive price.

Our patented, helical reinforcement rods have been independently tested and our brick stitching system is proven to offer superior performance to other comparable products. Once correctly installed, the rods are guaranteed to significantly increase and improve the flexural, tensile and shear strength of cracked masonry walls.

Each helical reinforcement rod is supplied at a length of 1m with a diameter of 6mm.  Extensive testing has shown that, in use, the average tensile load capacity of our 6mm helical bed-joint reinforcement bonded in WHO-60 grout is in excess of 8kN.  The rods are sold in discounted building contractor packs of 100 bars at the discount price of just £2.90 + vat per meter.

To fix the bars, you will need WHO-60 masonry repair grout, a mixing paddle and Grout-Master mortar applicator. All of these products can also be purchased right here on the Twistfix website and are listed for your convenience on the masonry reinforcement bars product page.

For more details about our discounted builders pack of 100 crack stitch reinforcement rods, check out the website or get in touch with our technical team. Subscribe to our newsletter for product updates, special features, informative guides, special offers and much more.

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Roof Repairs: The EPDM Rubber Roofing System

Strong winds and heavy rainfall (typical British summer weather!) have caused damage to structures all over the country, particularly to roofs. Twistfix supply a comprehensive collection of roof repair products, including the bestselling Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing Kit.

The  Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing system has been on the market for more than 40 years, testament to its unbeaten quality, versatility and successful application. Since the product was launched in the USA, well over a BILLION square metres of Firestone EPDM rubber roofing has been sold, making it the most popular type of roofing membrane on the planet.

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. The material has excellent resistance to liquid, ozone, extreme temperature and UV radiation, delivering robust insulating qualities. Quick and easy to install, EPDM creates a seamless finish that provides the best protection for roofing structures.

The Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing system has received countless accolades, including being named 'the best-buy roofing membrane' by the Association of Community Technical Aid Centres (ACTAC). In its publication 'Building the Future', Greenpeace revealed the results of an in-depth study of EPDM, in which it concluded that the material is an 'envi­­ron­­men­­tally-friendly choice of roofing membrane'.

Firestone EPDM rubber roofing is available as separate pieces from Twistfix but, for a more cost-effective choice, we recommend our comprehensive EPDM kit. As well as a piece of membrane in your chosen size, the kit contains all of the fixings, adhesives and trims required to achieve a professional, lasting result.

Please enjoy browsing through your EPDM options on our website, and get in touch with our technical team for advice and information.

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Lateral Restraint: The Solution to Bulging Walls

As a property ages, it becomes more and more susceptible to structural weaknesses. Lack of lateral restraint between floor beams and external masonry can lead to the visible symptom of bulging walls: as this bulging process happens gradually over an extended time period, it is often not noticed until the damage is severe

In new build structures, walls are secured to floors during the building process and internal partion brickwork is  connected to the external walls, preventing bulging. When it comes to retrofit applications for older buildings, the traditional remedy was to run a metal rod completely through the building, connecting to point-loaded iron pattresses on the outside: an impractical, unsightly and ineffective solution in restraining the wall as a whole.

Twistfix supply a wide range of load-sharing lateral restraint products which are much less invasive than the traditional solution. It is a simple task to determine the positions of joists, pipework and wiring inside a building affected by bulging, after which Twistfix Lateral Restraint Bars can be installed, tying bulging masonry back to the internal floor structure and thus helping to restore structural integrity.

The retrofit installation of lateral restraints is carried out from the outside of the affected property, ensuring that a minimum of disruption is experienced. After the tie-bars have been wound into the timbers, polyester or epoxy resin is used to firmly bond the bar to the masonry wall.  When completed, the entire process leaves almost no visible trace, delivering strength and security to the structure while maintaining its aesthetic.

Of course, tying walls to the timber diaphragm is only part of the solution; the additional insertion of bed-joint reinforcement to strengthen the facade and retrofit wall connectors to tie it back to partition walls all serve to secure the wall in place and to prevent further bulges and bowing.

The Twistfix Bulging Wall Restraint Kit contains everything required to achieve professional results and forms part of our lateral restraint family of products. Find out more on the product pages and don;t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates, how-to guides, special features and exclusive offers.

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Protecting the Past: Restoration of Heritage Structure

Twistfix products are often used as part of remedial plans to renovate and restore listed buildings. One such building is Hall Place, a Grade II listed building located in Portsmouth.


Portsmouth, in Hampshire, along with other exposed areas on the south coast such as Dorset and West Sussex, was one of the first regions in which cavity wall structures became widely adopted. Hall Place, which was built in 1796, is the perfect example of an early cavity wall structure in the UK: when a system of repairs and cavity wall tie replacement was proposed for the structure, Twistfix was the first port of call for the contractors, 1st Master Wall Ties.

Hall Place is built using yellow buff bricks, a prestigious material, sourced from nearby in Dorset. Comprising a 9" structural inner wall and a 4.5" outer façade of Flemish bond brickwork known as 'snapped header', the front elevation of Hall Place features a solid parapet wall. Careful inspection showed that the outer leaf of the cavity wall was out of plumb and exhibited a series of undulations between levels; the soldier course lintels had also failed, leading to cracked brickwork above windows.

The leaves of the cavity wall were reconnected, and the soldier course lintels pinned, using Twistfix helical cavity wall ties. As it was essential to maintain the appearance of the façade, our self-tapping cavity wall tie replacements were used: these ties are installed into the smallest possible pilot holes (just 6mm in diameter) which are subsequently filled to make them practically invisible.

Above the window openings, helical bars were installed. This bed joint reinforcement formed a series of deep masonry beams, enabling all vertical loads to be properly distributed on either side of the brickwork, repairing the cracks and preventing any further movement.

Find out more about the products used for structural repairs or cavity tie replacement on our website.

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Masonry Repair Solutions: The Brick Pin Fixing Kit

Cracks can occur in brick and stone structures for a number of reasons and repairing these cracks is crucial to avoid further damage. Twistfix offer a comprehensive suite of masonry crack repair solutions, many of which are supplied in kit form to ensure that all of the required components are immediately available at once. One of these is the bestselling Brick Pin Fixing Kit.

The brick pin fixing kit from Twistfix contains everything required to effect quick, accurate and long-lasting masonry stitching, repairing cracks at junctions in brick and stone structures. An ideal retrofit solution for the tying layers of variable quality masonry to perpendicular walls, the kit represents impressive cost-effec­tiveness when it comes to concealed masonry stitching.

The brick pin fixing kit contains:

  • 10 heavy-duty masonry stitching bars. Each bar is one metre in length, has a diameter of 8mm and is manufactured using high-quality stainless steel, noted for its remarkable resistance to corrosion
  • One 10kg tub of WHO 60, a specially-formulated masonry repair bonding grout
  • One mortar gun with masonry pinning nozzle set included
  • One mixer paddle

Firstly, pre-drilled pilot holes are made. The holes are filled with WHO-60 polymer modified masonry repair grout, into which the helical stitching bars are inserted, bonding the reinforcement securely to the masonry. The result is strengthened, stabilised areas of wall failure, where tensile forces are evenly redistributed along the length of the helical bars.

Find out more about the brick pin fixing kit on the product page. If you need expert technical advice, simply get in touch with our team.


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Flood Restoration: The Twistfix Flood Pump Kit

Flooding causes serious damage to properties and, the longer the floodwater remains, the greater the damage. That's why it's essential to drain floodwater from a property as soon as possible. Twistfix offer a range of flood prevention and remediation products, one of which is the bestselling Flood Pump Kit.

The Flood Pump Kit from Twistfix centres on a fully-automatic and -submersible pump which has been designed for the simplest operation. When operational, this remarkable piece of equipment is capable of discharging up to 10,000 litres of water an hour, which equates to an astounding 155 litres a minute. It can be used on floodwater with a minimum depth of 40mm and a maximum depth of 110mm.

The kit includes a super-long (20m) discharge hose with quick-fix connector. Also included is a filtered tank with integral lid: the pump can operate within this tank for added protection or independently as necessary. All of the components included within the kit are guaranteed to be robust and reliable, manufactured to the highest professional quality.

Domestic properties that are at risk from rising water table levels can use the flood pump kit as a preventative device. The pumping kit is simply stored between suspended floors, where it will automatically switch on in the presence of water.

For more information on the flood prevention, restoration and remediation products available from Twistfix, check out our website.

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Brick Tinting: The Science of Colour

Completely transforming the look of a property is not as difficult and complex as it sounds; at least, not when you use brick staining dye from Twistfix. A comprehensive collection of brick staining formulas is available and here we present a quick guide on how to use them with the utmost effec­tiveness.

Brick Coloured Repair Mortar

Brick Stain Dye

Crack Injection Mortar

Brick staining dye allows you to quickly, easily and permanently change the colour of porous brickwork and is supplied ready-to-use. Within the formula are pigmented powders of superlative quality, dissolved completely in fixative fluid. Once applied, the dye is absorbed deeply into masonry pores, creating a strong integral bond that results in a natural, vapor-permeable finish.

Brick staining dye is a ready-to-use product that allows you to permanently change the colour of porous bricks. Formulated using high-quality pigmented powders, which have been dissolved in a fixative fluid, the dye is deeply absorbed into masonry pores. This creates an ultra-strong integral bond, resulting in a vapor-permeable, natural-looking finish.

Brick tints are a superb addition to our extensive range of colour-match brick repair mortars and crack-injection fillers.  The dyes are supplied in containers of 1L of formula, enough to dye around 20-25 square metres of masonry (dependent on required shade depth and masonry porosity). Throughout the staining process, the masonry texture is unaffected. A patch test is recommended before beginning, in order to ensure correct shade and coverage.

Though supplied ready-to-use, brick tint formulas may be diluted (to a maximum 2 parts water to 1 part formula) in order to achieve a lighter shade. The dye is simply applied with a brush directly to the face of each brick and left to dry, after which further coats can be added to deepen the shade.

There are several shades available, along with a brick staining soot wash and a limestone tinting dye. For further information on these products, check the website or get in touch with our team.

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Mould Removal Products: Our Professional Collection

Damp has many negative effects on a structure and one of the most noticeable of these is the growth of mould and mildew. Outbreaks of mould should be dealt with swiftly to avoid further problems and, here at Twistfix, we supply a selection of products designed to help.

Mould is a microscopic fungus that grows from spores carried in the air. The fungus, which is a dark green to black colour, grows best in damp and humid conditions, migrating deeply into the substrates of porous materials like plaster, plasterboard and masonry. As well as being unsightly, the mould will begin to rot wood and wallpaper and, if left untreated, can have serious negative effects on human health, particularly related to allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses.

For a complete solution, we recommend Twistfix Mould Remover Kit. This professional kit includes everything necessary to achieve lasting results, eradicating toxic mould and preventing it from recurring in the future.  The cost-effective kit contains:

  • 1 x 1,000ml Mould Remover Biocide Spray. The product is supplied in a ready-to-use spray bottle containing sufficient formula to treat ten square metres of wall surface
  • 2 x 100ml Fungicidal Additive. After treatment, mix 100ml of fungicidal additive with 5L of emulsion paint/10L of solvent or gloss paint and apply to the treated wall to prevent regrowth of mould
  • Gloves, Goggles and Sponge. These accessories will ensure you can work safely and efficiently.

Both Twistfix Mould Remover and Fungicidal Additive are available separately from the 'Mould Remover Products' section of our website, where you will also find information on our unique ThermalDry Anti-Condensation Coating. Don't let mould damage YOUR property: take action today!

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