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Mould Removal Products: Our Professional Collection

Damp has many negative effects on a structure and one of the most noticeable of these is the growth of mould and mildew. Outbreaks of mould should be dealt with swiftly to avoid further problems and, here at Twistfix, we supply a selection of products designed to help.

Mould is a microscopic fungus that grows from spores carried in the air. The fungus, which is a dark green to black colour, grows best in damp and humid conditions, migrating deeply into the substrates of porous materials like plaster, plasterboard and masonry. As well as being unsightly, the mould will begin to rot wood and wallpaper and, if left untreated, can have serious negative effects on human health, particularly related to allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses.

For a complete solution, we recommend Twistfix Mould Remover Kit. This professional kit includes everything necessary to achieve lasting results, eradicating toxic mould and preventing it from recurring in the future.  The cost-effective kit contains:

  • 1 x 1,000ml Mould Remover Biocide Spray. The product is supplied in a ready-to-use spray bottle containing sufficient formula to treat ten square metres of wall surface
  • 2 x 100ml Fungicidal Additive. After treatment, mix 100ml of fungicidal additive with 5L of emulsion paint/10L of solvent or gloss paint and apply to the treated wall to prevent regrowth of mould
  • Gloves, Goggles and Sponge. These accessories will ensure you can work safely and efficiently.

Both Twistfix Mould Remover and Fungicidal Additive are available separately from the 'Mould Remover Products' section of our website, where you will also find information on our unique ThermalDry Anti-Condensation Coating. Don't let mould damage YOUR property: take action today!

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Wood Treatment: Protect & Preserve

Wood is such a versatile construction material that it has been used for thousands of years. As an organic material, it is strong and beautiful but vulnerable to damage in a wide variety of ways: Twistfix is proud to supply a comprehensive collection of remedial and protective timber treatment solutions to these problems, supplied as both concentrates and ready-to-use products.

Here we look at four of our most popular professional wood treatment options, two of which are supplied ready to use and two of which are supplied in a concentrate form; the concentrates require diluting with water prior to use.

No More Rot Insecticide

Specifically formulated to eradicate infestations of wood-boring insects, such as woodworm, No More Rot Insecticide is supplied in liquid form and is ready to use straight from the container.  Whether used on doors, windows, floorboards, roof timbers or any other interior woodwork, the highly effective formula penetrates wooden surfaces quickly and deeply, destroying wood-boring insects and preventing the occurance of further infestations.

No More Rot Dual Purpose

With all of the qualities of No More Rot Insecticide, this liquid timber treatment also contains fungicides that attack both wet and dry rot along with blue stain. The product can be used on internal or external timber though requires sealing with a weatherproof finish when used outdoors. Simply applied with brush or spray, No More Rot Dual Purpose is a highly effective insecticide/ fungicide that is virtually odourless for comfortable, safe application.

Microtech Insecticide Concentrate

For larger-scale projects, it makes financial sense to use concentrates. Microtech Insecticide is sold in 150g containers, the contents of which produce 25 litres of solution when diluted. The product rids timber of wood-boring insect infestations and prevents re-infestation.

Microtech Dual Purpose F/1 Concentrate

In addition to being an efficient woodworm killer, this dual purpose timber treatment is effective against fungi, wet/dry rot and blue stain. Microtech Dual Purpose F/1 Concentrate is sold in 150g containers that can be diluted to create 25 litres of effective wood preservative treatment.

Discover the full collection of wood preservative treatments on our website. Need advice on choosing the right product? Just give our skilled technical team a call.

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Ultra Crete: For Permanent, Professional Pothole Repair

The beautiful weather over the Easter holidays had thousands of us jumping into the car to enjoy a well-deserved day out. That meant that many of us discovered just how far-reaching the extent of potholes really is! Now that spring is here and summer is just around the corner, it's time to take back our roads, paths and driveways: the ideal solution is available right here at Twistfix...

We are proud suppliers of the Ultra Crete Asphalt Repair Kit to both the domestic and industrial sectors. Whether you're a private contractor, local council or competent DIYer, this versatile cold-lay asphalt is designed to deliver professional results when it comes to the delicate job of pothole repair.

Potholes begin as tiny hairline fractures, caused by vibration and surface fatigue. Gradually, the edges of these cracks work loose, becoming worse and worse over time. During the winter, the freeze-thaw cycle widens the crack even further, dragging the surface material apart and creating potholes.

On driving surfaces, potholes are a serious impediment to safe driving. Loose material from potholes can damage cars and, as the material is dislodged, the pothole becomes even wider. When it comes to walking surfaces such as paths, pavements and patios, potholes are are danger to pedestrians, particularly the elderly and people with impaired mobility.

The Ultra Crete Asphalt Repair Kit centres on 3 x 25kg resealable, recyclable tube of quality cold lay asphalt. Also included in the kit is a 750ml spray can of Bitumen Cold Joint Sealer, which helps to prevent further water ingress. The formula can be used effectively whatever the weather and on a wide variety of surfaces, from roads and paths to driveways, car parks, patios and sports courts.

Find out more on the product page. Need further advice? Get in touch with our experienced technical team.

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Remedial Wall Ties: A Brief Guide

Remedial wall ties come in a variety of forms, each suited to a particular repair application. Whilst each system works by different means, they all deliver the required result of securing the outer brick façade to the inner layer of a cavity wall structure.­  Twistfix supply a comprehensive range of these vital structural components.

Cavity wall tie failure is typically caused by the aging process of a building, whereby steel wall ties begin to rust.  As the wall ties corrode, the load-sharing capacity and stability of a cavity wall structure may be impaired.  On newly built structures, tie failure may be a result of at least some of the original 'built-in' brick ties having been omitted.  Whatever the cause, you will find the right retrofit product here at Twistfix in the dedicated 'Wall Ties' section of our website.

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Helical Wall Ties 

The Thor Helical® CD Tie is a patented one-piece stainless steel tie of superlative quality.­  Formed by a process that delivers work-hardened threads, these helical brick ties are designed to deliver fast, consistent results in all types of masonry.­  Installation is exceptionally easy; a tiny 6mm diameter pilot hole is drilled into the walls and the tie is hammered into it using the SDS driving tool.  The oversized threads cut into the masonry as the tie corkscrews into the wall, gripping the masonry on either side of the cavity and locking it in place.  Our helical wall ties have been independently tested and accredited for use in solid bricks, perforated bricks, concrete blocks, aircrete blocks and concrete.

Mechanical Wall Ties 

Our Platinum® range of mechanical ties are available with a choice of expanding neoprene or expanding brass sleeves.  The expanding mechanisms are located at each end of an integral austenitic stainless steel tie bar and a partially-threaded 'tall-nut' is attached at one end.  The ties are inserted into a 10.5mm diameter hole and a drill-powered drive-socket is used to rotate the bar to force open the first sleeve, which grips strongly to the remote masonry layer.  Once a factory-set torque level is reached the 'tall-nut' travels down the tie bar, forcing the second mechanism to expand and grip the wall to form the near leaf connection.

Resin-fix Teplo-Ties

Designed with thermal efficiency firmly in mind, Teplo® Ties are manufactured from a composite of basalt fibres.  Basalt fibre is a thermally efficient alternative to stainless steel replacement wall ties and are suitable for use in remedial resin-fix applications. This tie has an extremely low thermal conductivity of only 0.7W/mk, making it an ideal option for those looking to insulate the cavity after the walls have been re-tied.­   The tie is resin fixed into 10mm diameter holes to provide an adhesive grip in both wall layers.  By removing thermal bridges, Teplo ties dramatically improve the insulation abilities of masonry while simul­ta­ne­ously reducing carbon emissions. Teplo ties are regarded as the most thermally-efficient replacement cavity tie available.­ 

Screw-in Cavity Ties

Tiger Screw-In Wall Ties are used when the only repair option is to re-build the outer layer of a cavity wall.  The tie has a neoprene expanding mechanism at one end with a traditional triangular shaped tie-wire at the other.  To fit the stainless steel tie you simply require a drill and 8mm drill bit.  The neoprene end is inserted into the hole and the tie is turned by hand to tighten the expanding mechanism.  The triangle end is simply laid into the mortar beds as construction of the outer layer proceeds.  These are the quickest and easiest ties to use in partial rebuild applications and require no special tools for installation.

Find out more about our comprehensive collection of remedial wall ties on the website. Need help choosing the correct tie? Get in touch with the Twistfix Wall-Tie-Guys for clear, expert advice.

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Comprehensive Weed Control: Our Professional Collection

The combination of longer hours of daylight with those dreaded heavy April showers means that all forms of plant life are currently enjoying a growth spurt in the warmer, wetter conditions.  While this has the definite upside of beautifying our gardens and outdoor spaces, it also hails the beginning of every gardener's worst nightmare: the invasion of the weeds!

Weed control is serious business and requires the use of professional-grade solutions that have been specifically designed for use by profes­si­onals. That's what you'll find here at Twistfix in the dedicated 'Weed Control' section of our website.


Roundup ProActive

The gardener's go-to solution for many years, Roundup ProActive is designed for general use on hardy weeds. One such weed is ivy which, with its quick growth and tangled root and stem system, can damage buildings and trees. Roundup ProActive makes short work of ivy and other hardy weeds growing on hard ground.

Roundup Provantage 480

A more-advanced weedkiller containing glyphosate, Roundup ProVantage 480 can be used to control perennial and annual weeds. Though a powerful formula, it is safe and non-toxic to humans and animals as it disables enzymes only found in green-leaved weeds.

Knotweed Control Treatment

Ground-invasive plants such as hogweed and Japanese knotweed stand no chance against this formidable opponent, supplied in a cost-effective kit containing three packs of weed killing formula. It is essential that such weeds are quickly treated: hogweed causes severe burns and Japanese knotweed is so pervasively damaging that it is illegal to leave it untreated if it is on your property. Use with our specially-designed knotweed injection gun.

Tree Stump and Root Killer Plugs

Tree stumps are at best unsightly and can even pose a danger from tripping if concealed by fresh growth. These highly-effective components comprise a nylon Eco-Plug capsule which, filled with granular glyphosate, are pushed into pre-drilled holes (calibrated drill bit supplied) in the tree stump. The chemical migrates to the root system and destroys it, with no adverse effect on surrounding vegetation.

Find out all the details you need in the 'Weed Control' section of our website and do not hesitate to contact our skilled technical team for further information and usage advice.

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Brick Tinting Solutions from Twistfix

Brick staining is a cost-effective way to completely transform the look of a property. Twistfix offer access to a selection of brick staining formulas and here is our guide to their qualities and how to use them effectively.

Brick staining dye is a ready-to-use product that allows you to permanently change the colour of porous bricks. Formulated using high-quality pigmented powders, which have been dissolved in a fixative fluid, the dye is deeply absorbed into masonry pores. This creates an ultra-strong integral bond, resulting in a vapor-permeable, natural-looking finish.

Brick tints are supplied in 1L containers, which is sufficient to treat approximately 20-25 square metres of brickwork, depending on depth of shade desired and porosity of the bricks or masonry. The texture of the bricks remains unchanged throughout the process. A trial application is recommended to check exact shade and coverage rate. Here is our simple step-by-step guide to brick tinting...

  1. As the dye will stain any absorbent material, make sure that the area is protected. Make sure to wear appropriate protective clothing.
  2. Clean the area to be treated and make sure it is free of dust and debris. 
  3. Shake the brick stain container thoroughly and decant into an appropriate vessel.
  4. If a lighter tint is required, dilute with water to a maximum ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part brick tint formula.
  5. Using a clean, high-quality brush, paint the formula directly onto the face of each brick. Note that overlapping brush strokes may produce a darker shade.
  6. Wait for the formula to dry and examine to check that the desired shade has been achieved. If not, apply further coats.

There are several shades available, along with a brick staining soot wash and a limestone tinting dye. For further information on these products, check the website or get in touch with our team.

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Basement Waterproofing Membrane: Protecting Properties

The recent heavy rain has caused the water table to rise dramatically, leading to many problems with water ingress into properties. Basements have been particularly affected and this is often caused by inadequate basement water­pro­ofing.

The water table is the surface where the water pressure head is equal to atmospheric pressure and is best visualized as the level at whch underground materials are saturated with groundwater.­  Its level can alter significantly due to a number of factors, including drainage capacity and amount of rainfall. Consequently, the water table tends to be higher during the winter months and lower in the summer.  To ensure that basements stay dry throughout the year, it is essential to install a compre­hen­sive, professional basement tanking system.

One of the most popular methods of basement waterproofing involves the use of cavity drain damp proof membrane. The product creates an air gap between itself and the floor or wall, which allows water to pass safely through to be directed away to appropriate drainage. The membranes are secured using plugs, plug seals and tape, creating a water-tight barrier that completely eliminates the possibility of water ingress.

Cavity drain membrane is so successful at its job that it has become the structural waterproofing method of choice for most professional installers. Twistfix supply a full range of UK manufactured waterproofing membrane and related ancillaries, all at the most competitive price.

Check out the Twistfix collection of damp proof membrane online and get in touch with our team for more information.

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Damp Proofing Cream: Buy Now and Save £££s!

Damp proofing is a Twistfix speciality and we supply a comprehensive range of materials and tools designed to facilitate this essential work. For a limited time, you can make big savings on our 3-, 6- and 12-packs of professional damp proofing cream so stock up now!

Twistfix Damp-Cure is a silicone emulsion cream which has been specially designed and formulated for injection into mortar beds of masonry walls, controlling and preventing rising damp. Whether used in brick, stone or block walls, Damp-Cure provides a quick, simple and effective solution without the need for specialist equipment.

Installation begins with drilling a series of holes into the mortar course, into which the cream is injected. Migrating rapidly through the masonry pores, the cream reverts to its liquid phase, forming polysi­loxanes. Then comes a curing period during which silane vapour of a low molecular weight is formed, allowing for the best migration through the masonry.

Extensive field-use of Damp-Cure has shown that the product forms a highly effective damp proof course to treat rising damp. In testament to its professional quality, Damp-Cure has been tested and approved by the British Board of Agrément.

Make big savings on our industry-standard damp proofing cream today when you purchase with confidence from Twistfix.

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Damp Proofing: The All Cure Total Kit

There is lots of damp proofing work currently available to professional builders and so it's the ideal time to stock up on all of the essential materials you're going to need. Twistfix supply a comprehensive range of damp proofing products, one of which is the All Cure Total Damp Treatment Kit.

The All Cure Total Damp Treatment Kit is used to treat damp walls that are above the level of the ground. As suggested by the name, this product can be used to successfully treat all kinds of damp, its 3-in-1 formula stopping rising damp in its tracks, blocking penetrating damp and reducing condensation, which is the leading cause of the issue.

The All Cure Total kit includes six damp injection cream cartridges, which together contain sufficient formula to treat ten linear metres of solid wall or cavity brickwork.  Also included is 10m of mesh membrane which is 1m high: this membrane features 3mm air-gap studs, providing a physical barrier against penetrating damp caused by high pavements of blocked cavities, protecting plastered finishes.

A nylon mesh is incorporated on one face, allowing for plaster or dot-and-dab dry lining to be directly applied. The result is a warmer wall surface, which will better resist the formation of condensation.

There are lots of how-to guides available from Twistfix so check out our website and YouTube channel.

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Winter Worries: Penetrating Damp

It is an interesting fact of chemistry that water, though such a common element on Earth, has the almost-unique property among liquids of expanding in volume when frozen. Outside of the laboratory, this fact quickly ceases to be interesting and quickly becomes damaging, frustrating and costly!

The tiniest cracks in masonry can become filled with water. When temperatures fall low enough, this water freezes and, due to the aforem­en­tioned expansion, causes cracks to become slightly larger. The next time the masonry is exposed to water, these larger cracks fill once again with more water than before; when this water again freezes, the cracks become even larger.

This is the dreaded freeze/thaw cycle. Masonry will quickly begin to spall due to the damage, with the cracks becoming visible to the naked eye and damp patches appearing on the inside of solid walls.  Cavity walls, filled with insulation, can also be badly affected as the ingress of water can soak the insulation and deprive it of its thermal properties.

Twistfix offer an immediate, lasting solution to the problem of penetrating damp.  First, the cracks must be repaired using a deeply penetrating filler such as our Crack Injection Mortar; there are 11 brick-coloured mortars to chose from.  Once the cracks have been filled, a coating of our Masonry Water Repellent Cream protects porous brickwork, preventing any further water ingress and the frost damage potential occurring from it.

Find out more about these highly-effective products on our website.

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