Woodworm Worries Solved by Lottery Funds

An historic flour mill, one of only two still-working tidal mills in the UK, is currently being fully restored by New Forest District Council and Totton & Eling Town thanks to a £1.3m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. As part of the planning for this large-scale project, a full structural survey was carried; this survey revealed a substantial, active woodworm infestation and PermaFix, a Twistfix-registered contractor, has been selected to carry out investigations.


eling mill water wheel

eling mill woodworm

woodworm larvae

Eling Tidal Mill is located on a man-made causeway in Hampshire and the current structure was built after storm damage in the 1770s but the earliest reference to the mill dates back as far as 1418. Featuring two independently-functioning waterwheels, each driving a massive millstone, the mill produced an abundance of fine flour and was a major employer of the time. Eling Mill closed in 1846 before reopening in 1980 as The Eling Experience, an interactive and absorbing museum exhibit.

The restoration project is being overseen by experts from the heritage sector and includes development and extension of the surrounding area, as well as the mill itself. A new cafe and learning centre are being constructed and access to the site is to be improved. New programmes of activities and exhibitions are planned and local school pupils and community members are actively involved in shaping these essential services.

Cllr Di Brooks said: “We’re very excited to see this next phase of development beginning in Eling’s long and fascinating history.. the improvements being made possible by the Heritage Lottery Fund grant will ensure that the tide mill continues to be central to the local community, as well as becoming more accessible and appealing to visitors.”

Eling Mill is a Grade II Listed Building and so the restoration project has been very carefully planned in order to comply with building legislation. Permafix have a great deal of practical experience with such projects and make full use of the comprehensive Twistfix product range to ensure a totally professional result, every time.

One of the two waterwheels at Eling Mill is still fully operational and produces flour for sale. PermaFix will use their expertise to plan remedial treatments including putting controls in place to ensure that the river is fully protected from all timber treatment chemicals and to prevent them from entering the food chain through the milled flour.

For more information on the damaging effects of woodworm and how Twistfix products can help eradicate the problem, contact us now.