Dry Rot Treatment in Manchester

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Twistfix-registered contractors Damp Solutions Ltd were recently called out to a property in Manchester where they would discover 'one of the worst cases of dry rot ever witnessed' by the company’s head surveyor. The property had become uninhabitable and the owner was understandably distressed by the problem which was so bad that floorboards were literally giving way beneath her feet.

The first step in resolving the problem was to cut away rotten timbers that were beyond repair. Upon completion of this essential process, adjacent timbers, masonry and sub-floor areas were comprehensively treated with triple-action Twistfix Dry Rot Treatment Fluid, a specialist wood and masonry treatment that effectively kills dry rot spores through its concentrated fungicide formulation as well as sterlilising masonry and protecting unaffected timbers in the vicinity. The aqueous, boron-based formula is designed to give masonry and timber an extended service life after application. New floors were then installed by Damp Solution's carpenters.

Ventilation was a problem in the property and various methods were employed to combat the problem. The property required the installation of several new airbricks to improve the ventilation at sub-floor level and Damp Solutions Ltd also recommended the installation of a humidity control system to generally reduce the levels of moisture and alleviate condensation. A Nuaire Drimaster Condensation Fan provided the perfect solution.

The Nuaire Drimaster is a positive-input ventilation unit that gently and constantly supplies filtered, tempered air to a property. Using the heat from the roof space and thus taking advantage of free thermal gain, the system is effective at removing pollutants such as traffic fumes, carbon monoxide and pollen as it continuously draws air through its innovative filters. The Nuaire Drimaster complies with all building regulations and, as it is so quick and easy to fit, dramatically reduces labour time and cost.

The repairs to the badly-damaged home were completed in just two weeks and the owner is incredibly pleased with the results which, as with all of the company's work, are guaranteed for 20 years. Once again, Cheshire based Damp Solutions Ltd have fulfilled their promise of providing 'compete customer satisfaction' and an 'efficient, friendly and professional service'. Twistfix are proud to supply our quality products to the company, whose impressive reputation has allowed them to become members of the Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers.

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