Structural Repairs to London Café

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Westbourne Grove lies in the heart of Notting Hill in London, enviably located off the Portobello Road, halfway between Holland Park and Ladbroke Grove tube stations. An attractive, busy and pleasant street lined with a range of shops and bars, Westbourne Grove is also home to Bolongaro Trevor, a classy international fashion retailer that is popular with locals and tourists alike. Recently, areas of cracking masonry were discovered in the adjacent building along with noticeable outward movement of walls and severe failure to several of the lintels. After speaking to the Twistfix technical team, the owner quickly called in structural repair specialists Newman Building Solutions to design and implement a remedial process which would fully restore the building's structural integrity, making it safe and habitable for its staff and many customers.

Twistfix-Registered Newman Building Solutions regularly make extensive use of specialist renovation products in their many diverse projects. The building in Notting Hill was no exception: the main remedial method involved installing the complete Twistfix Brick-Beam System to repair the damage and provide durable resistance to further movement, cracking and lintel failure.

More than 90 bed-joint reinforcing bands were installed using Twistfix high tensile stainless steel bars to various areas on all elevations of the property. Concealed in the mortar bed joints and the reinforcement now creates deep masonry beams to strengthen the structure from within; all installations were carried out in full accordance with Twistfix method statements to provide fully-restored structural integrity. All existing cracks were fully raked-out before being stitched and deeply injected with Twistfix thixotropic cementitious grout to complete the repairs. Once finished, the area was made good and Bolongaro Trevor's, along with it's adjacent café, is once again the jewel in the crown of Westbourne Grove.

Look out for more news coming very soon of projects from Newman Building Solutions - just one of London's leading Twistfix-registered structural repair specialists.

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