Crack Repair

Crack Stitching

Crack Stitching

Crack stitching products online with Twistfix. Twistfix products offer latest in crack stitching techniques to reinforce cracked walls
Crack Injection Mortar

Crack Injection Mortar

Colour-tinted brick injection mortar exhibits excellent flow charac­te­ris­tics, filling deep ­cracks ­and offering strong adhesion
Resin Injection

Resin Injection

Buy epoxy resin injection system and brick adhesives at trade prices. General purpose polyester resin is also available in styrene-free
Structural Repairs

Structural Repairs

Twistfix structural repairs utlise brick rein­for­cement with helical bars to deliver an effective masonry crack repair for walls and to stabilise brickwork
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Rustic Red Injection Mortar for Cracked Bricks

Colour-matching repair mortar for filling cracks in Rustic Red Brick. Mix pigment with water, injection-fill 3-10mm wide cracks – 250g
  • RRP £47.23
  • £39.36
  • £32.80

Crack Repair Mortar for Old London Stock Bricks

Colour-matching injection mortar for filling cracks in Old London Stock brickwork Mix pigment with water, injection-fill 3-10mm wide cracks – 250g
  • RRP £47.23
  • £39.36
  • £32.80

Epoxy Resin Injection System

A pure epoxy resin injection anchor system in a side by side cartridge. Top of the range non-shrink brick adhesive with exceptional performance and durability. Tube size 400ml Ratio 1:1
  • RRP £25.20
  • £21.00
  • £17.50

Masonry Crack Repair Kit

Complete Masonry Brick Stitching Kit. Contains all products needed for high strength, masonry repairs to cracked brick, block or stone walls. Select 6mm, 7mm or 8mm helical bars. 10 bar kit
  • RRP £189.00
  • £119.52
  • £99.60
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Wall Anchor Kit - 910mm Spiral Fixings - 10 Ties

A Wall Anchor Kit with long-series drive-in wall ties that form a chemical-free structural connection. Quick and easy to install with no material com­pa­tibi­lity issues. 10pcs 910mm ties, SDS Tool and 1m drill bit
  • RRP £316.85
  • £239.52
  • £199.60

Crack Filler Mortar for Orange Brickwork

Burnt Orange Crack Filler Mortar for sealing 3mm-10mm wide cracks in orange-coloured brickwork – Sold in packs of 250g - Yields 175ml
  • RRP £47.23
  • £39.36
  • £32.80

Helical Bars 7M Long

Helical bars in a kit for retrofit masonry rein­for­cem­ent. High tensile 6mm x 7mm reinforcing bars, grout and fixing kit for structural repairs or for forming window-spanning brick beam lintels
  • RRP £426.00
  • £298.56
  • £248.80
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Polyester Injection Resin

High performance 2-part polyester resin in styrene. Cost effective masonry injection adhesive for fixing, tying and anchoring in concrete, brick and stone. Co-axial tube size 380ml Ratio 10:1
  • RRP £10.80
  • £9.00
  • £7.50
Rating 4.2 of 5

Brick Crack Repair Mortar - Rich Brown

Crack injection mortar for filling cracks in Brown Bricks. Mix powdered pigment with water; inject to fill crack ranging from 3-10mm wide – 250g
  • RRP £47.23
  • £39.36
  • £32.80

Lintel Repair Kit

A lintel repair kit for professional masonry rein­for­cem­ent. Helical bars span windows openings up to 2.5m wide to support brickwork above. Buy a 'Complete Kit' or a '14m Bars & Grout Only' kit.
  • RRP £160.44
  • £119.52
  • £99.60

Brick Pin Fixing Kit

A brick pin fixing kit for repairing cracks in walls. These masonry stitching pins are supplied for tying brick buildings, bridges and tunnels. Kit includes 10 heavy duty helical tie bars.
  • RRP £249.78
  • £191.40
  • £159.50
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Brick Rein­for­cement

5mm-9mm Diameters- 10 Pk
Twistfix brick rein­for­cem­ent stitching bars are used to reinforce and strengthen fractured brick and masonry walls. Reinforcing bars are 1m long.
  • RRP £57.00
  • £43.80
  • £36.50

Crack repair products strengthen cracked walls by enhancing the tensile, flexural and shear strength of masonry using various brick reinfor­cem­ent techniques. Cracks are usually caused by structural movement attributable to temperature variations, chemical reactions, age de­teri­ora­ti­on or changes in the moisture content of brickwork, or in the ground that supports it. Once there is as fracture it is no longer a composite structural unit.

Typical defects that may trigger cracks include any one or a combination of:

  • Ground movement – Subsidence, land slip or heave
  • Inadequate support – Localised foundation failure, lintel failure, masonry arch failure, etc.
  • Insufficient restraint – Lack of wall ties, restraint straps, poor bonding, etc.
  • Resizing – Expansion or shrinkage due to thermal or moisture variations
  • Rusting metals – Wall tie corrosion, expansion of hoop irons or fixings, etc.

Before a crack repair can be done the cause of the fracture needs to be established and eliminated.  Generally crack repair strategies fall into one of two categories:

  • Sub-structure repairs for below ground foundation movement issues, typically an insured risk
  • Superstruc­tu­re re­in­for­cement for above ground building defects, typically an uninsured risk

Sub-structure repairs may include underpinning or piling.

Superstruc­ture re­in­for­cement generally includes structural repairs accomplished by the insertion of helical bars that form retrofitted brick beams or are used for crack stitching. Replacement wall ties and restraints tie cavity or separating façade walls whilst resin injection systems efficiently fill and seal cracks in walls

Once the cause of the fracturing has been eliminated then all that is required is to reinforce the cracked masonry so that it once again acts as a composite structural unit. Crack repair techniques include mechanical brick stitching and crack injection resins, whilst various tie and restraint systems help to transmit and share loads.