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Wall Ties

Ancon Wall Ties HRT4

£3.48 inc. VAT

You save £1Valid until 01/01/1970

HRT4 Ancon steel ties for domestic housing up to 10 metres high. Ties are CE marked, BBA certified and meet the technical requirements of the NHBC. 20Pk or 250Box

Brick Ties – Wavy Tail

£59.40 inc. VAT

You save £8.85Valid until 01/01/1970

Wavy tail brick ties for remedial application when re-building one leaf of a cavity wall. Resin wavy tail into existing brickwork and bed triangle into new masonry as building proceeds. 100 Ties.

Teplo Tie - Basalt Cavity Ties

£10.08 inc. VAT

You save £2.80Valid until 01/01/1970

Teplo Ties are thermally efficient cavity ties made from a basalt fibre composite. Teplo Tie is stronger and lighter than stainless steel and is 20 times less thermally conductive. Buy in bundles of 10

Remedial Wall Ties - Helical

£69.00 inc. VAT

You save £23Valid until 01/01/1970

Remedial ties for cavity tie installation and brick pinning. Superior Thor Helical ties offer the easiest, fastest and most reliable cavity tie replacement solution available. CE Marked in respect of EN845-1:2013 for use in masonry materials. Pack of 50

Slip Ties

£21.12 inc. VAT

You save £2.25Valid until 01/01/1970

Ancon PPS slip ties for use at movement joints to restrain masonry against lateral wind loads whilst allowing brick walls and masonry panels to expand or contract. Pack of 20

Lateral Restraint Ties

£111.00 inc. VAT

You save £27.75Valid until 01/01/1970

Retrofit lateral restraint tie for softwood. Ties a masonry wall to parallel floor joists in remedial ap­pli­cati­ons. These stainless steel tie bars are suitable for use in solid or cavity walls. - Pack of 5

Wall Ties 20m Kit

£102.36 inc. VAT

You save £41.90Valid until 01/01/1970

Helical ties in a 20 square metres kit, based on spacing’s of 2.5 ties per m2. European CE Mark Approval to EN845-1:2013. Includes 50 ties, SDS tungsten carbide drill bit and SDS setting tool

Timber Frame Ties

£142.50 inc. VAT

You save £36.25Valid until 01/01/1970

Flexible timber frame ties with multiple drip points. These CE marked ties to connect a timber frame structure to a masonry facade in new build. Also use for remedial retrofit ap­pli­cati­ons. Pack of 250

Replacement Ties - Mechanical

£187.20 inc. VAT

You save £48Valid until 01/01/1970

Quick-fix stainless steel remedial ties with mechanically expanding Neoprene sleeves. Use for cavity tie replacement work in brick masonry or concrete walls. Box of150

Lateral Restraint Wall Tie Kit

£202.80 inc. VAT

You save £49.55Valid until 01/01/1970

Lateral restraints in a kit for restraining a bulging masonry wall by tying it back to structural flooring members. Repair kit includes 5 lateral restraint ties, resin, drill bit and setting tool.

Water­pro­ofi­ng Wall Tie

£102.00 inc. VAT

You save £26Valid until 01/01/1970

This 2-part brick tie services the basement water­pro­ofi­ng industry. The fastener arrangement comprises a po­lyp­ro­pyle­ne plug fitted with a seal, and a stainless steel helical tie. Quantity: 50

Bluebird Wall Ties

£16.14 inc. VAT

You save £3.88Valid until 01/01/1970

Bluebird wall ties are screw-in connectors that are supplied with a nylon anchoring plug. They are suitable for use in tying new brick or block walls to existing structures. Pack of 10 ties and plugs.

Masonry Ties - Long Drive Pins

£122.70 inc. VAT

You save £34.40Valid until 01/01/1970

Masonry ties are 450mm long drive pins that corkscrew into brick, block, concrete and masonry when driven into a pilot bore. At least 10 times quicker than grout ties - Kit size:18 or 36 pins

Masonry Ties - Thin Joint

£26.10 inc. VAT

You save £5.44Valid until 01/01/1970

Thin joint ties for use with Thermalite, Durox and Celcon Aircrete blockwork. Used in cavity construction to tie Aircrete masonry to brick facades. - Pack Quantity 50

Wall Ties from Twistfix

Masonry Tie irons are structural connectors that are used to secure the façade of a cavity wall to the main structure of a building. Brick ties, timber frame ties and remedial wall ties are used at regular spacing to withstand live and static loads.

Twistfix supplies all types of wall ties so you can buy exactly what you need to build, extend or repair your home:

Cavity wall ties frequently need to be fixed to inner and outer leafs of of a structure including those with dissimilar building materials. Many modern methods of construction may comprise an outer wall of traditional brickwork and an inner wall of concrete, timber or thin joint thermal block.  Similarly renovation projects may need to rebuild an outer skin of a cavity wall or add a new extension, both using metric brickwork that needs to be tied to existing walls comprising bricks of imperial measurements.

Retrofit lateral restraint systems are designed to resist the outward thrust of bowing walls. It is common in older housing stock to find that the external walls are not tied to the floors. Masonry facades are also frequently parting company with the main structure of a building due to poor bonding at the junction of the façade and internal partitions or party walls.

Remedial wall ties are not just used for wall tie replacement. They provide an outstanding repair option for separating solid walls; many older buildings that have a facade of attractive bricks, stone, blocks or masonry cladding a load-bearing backing wall. If the facing starts to move away from the backing it can be immediately restrained by the installation of remedial wall ties.

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