Wall Starters

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Ancon Starter Ties

This screw-in starter tie is suitable for tying new brickwork and blockwork extensions, of up to 8 metres or 3 storeys in height, to existing buildings. Supplied in packs of 10 ties & 10 nylon plugs.
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Bluebird Wall Ties

Bluebird wall ties are screw-in connectors that are supplied with a nylon anchoring plug. They are suitable for use in tying new brick or block walls to existing structures. Pack of 10 ties and plugs.
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Wall Starter Staple

The Twistfix wall starter staple is suitable simul­ta­ne­ously tying both leaves of a cavity wall extension to an existing building structure, sufficient to tie a cavity wall extension up to 2.4m high - 8Pk
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Universal Wall Starter

A universal wall starter kit for joining new masonry to existing brick structures. The kit includes stainless steel ties, channels and fixings, which ties wall junctions without the need for keying
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  • £9.90

Wall Starter Tiger Ties

Stainless steel starter ties for tying a new masonry wall to an existing structure. These stainless steel Tiger Ties have a built in expansion mechanism. No wall plugs are required. Pack of 10
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  • £12.20
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Brick Ties – Wavy Tail

Wavy tail brick ties for remedial application when re-building one leaf of a cavity wall. Resin wavy tail into existing brickwork and bed triangle into new masonry as building proceeds. 100 Ties.
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Wall starters are ties that are used to connect a new extension wall to an existing masonry building. Each starter wall tie system includes all necessary fixings for a 2.4 to 3.0m high extension.  Bluebird ties, Ancon starter ties and Tiger ties each join a single skin of masonry, whilst the innovative Twistfix staple tie system joins both leaves of a new cavity wall to existing brick or block walls.